Abraham Hicks (Jerry & Ester Hicks)

The Rampage Of Love Video

Abraham states in this video that the number one goal for those that wish to apply the “Law of Attraction” is to be on the brink of appreciation for everything in your life!  Be constantly in the place of hopefulness!  Love everything and dream of the way you want your experience of life to be!  Be in that peek state of emotion where you are totally in love with life and in the powerful place of gratitude!  This is one of my favorite videos…  The essence of unconditional love!  I love you, I love you, I love you…

Abraham Hicks (Jerry & Ester Hicks)

Relationship Rampage Video

When you ask for something (launch your rocket of desire) that 99% of the creation of it has happened on sources side!  It’s then up to us to remain in the state of faith that the thing we want will show up!  You must create the state where you are in a peek emotional state of expectation.  You must align yourself vibrationally with what you are seeking!

Abraham Hicks (Jerry & Ester Hicks)

The Rampage Of Allowing Video

In this Abraham hicks video, Abraham reminds us that the entire universe is on your side!   We are our own worse enemy!   How many times do we shine down on ourselves when life doesn’t seem to go our way!  The first thing we do is send out a very powerful feeling of utter distress, one that counters the positive feelings we have been working on!  You are in charge of you own vibrational escrow!  You need to feel tuned in and turned on…  See things how they are, but not worse than they are!  And if you are going to feel down, get over it quick!  Remember it is intensity of feeling that can be the most dangerous, or biggest blessing!  Intense feelings of “Positive” are great, while intense feelings of “Negative” counter your desires!

Abraham Hicks (Jerry & Ester Hicks)

The Rampage Of Invincibility Video

Abraham Hicks (Jerry & Ester Hicks)

What Are You Giving Your Attention To Video

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