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IMG_20150118_133201Welcome to my online work, resume & volunteer profile!

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Hi!  I am a travel blogger and the owner of I Want To Travel To, llc..  To learn about my company visit:  

I originally created this profile as a way to share my skills and talents with intentional communities and those that could offer me unique experiences around the world.  In the past 4 years I have been to 2 large communities through work trade; one located in Hawaii and the other in New York. 

I am an internet marketer that promotes tourism through SEO (search engine optimization).  I love to travel and see new places.  Below is a detailed list of skills and talents that I have to trade.  I have also included some information on places I have traded these skills.

Community Experience

1) Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center, Pahoa Hawaii

I spent 13 months on the Big Island of Hawaii and participated in a large intentional community and four Hawaii WWOOF listed opportunities.

I started my adventure at a place called Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center located in Pahoa Hawaii on the Big Island.  I spent two months in this beautiful rainforest camping with other travelers from around the world.  I entered their program as a professional plumber and maintenance tech.  I did not have to pay any monthly fees only work 32 hours a week in trade for a camping space, quality food and access to classes.

My job was to put into order the plumbing area in the shop and perform plumbing type maintenance, repairs, and installations.  I also got involved in the painting, electrical, and carpentry departments.  

I left Kalani a month early due to a disagreement over the proper and safe installation of electrical transformers being installed in the woods.  My intent was to make sure that what we were doing was safe for everyone.  We were instructed to cover and camouflage new electrical transformers that were being installed onto their new property.  When I asked why they were not getting permits and inspections, I was quickly shunned by management.

I left Kalani of my own free will a month earlier than what I had planned.  I decided to stay on the island rather than let this ruin my visit to this beautiful Pacific destination.  I honestly believe that what we were being asked to do was dangerous, jeopardized lives and was against local laws and electrical codes. 

2) Pineapple Park Hostel, Kealakekua Hawaii

I also helped for a month in the building and framing  new structure at a popular hostel on the west side of the Big Island.  I learned a lot from this experience and am truly grateful for DOC and his wife! 

This incredible building was to code and hurricane proof!  Doc is a semi retired master builder that owns and operates 3 hostels on the Big Island.  He has a hostel location half way down the west side of the Big Island, one in Hilo and compound at the top of volcano mountain!  Here is a link to his Big Island Hawaii Hostel locations.

I got to work directly with this master builder who had in his time built hundreds homes.  What a great experience!  If you are a WWOOFer and are reading this, I highly recommend Pineapple park for a place to stay on the Big Island.  Doc really went out of his way to help me after I left Kalani.  He taught me how to properly read blueprints and shared with me knowledge that will last a lifetime!

3) Blue Ginger Gallery, Kealakekua Hawaii:

I spent the largest part of my stay at the Blue Ginger Gallery in Kealakekua Hawaii.  Behind the store is a little shack that I converted into an apartment.  During my time their I installed an outdoor shower, rehabbed the shed into an apartment and rebuilt the bathroom floor.  I also helped with store security, repairs and internet marketing.  

This small town has everything that you need just steps away.  There is a pharmacy/general store, art dealers and even a little restaurant called the Rebel kitchen!  The Rebel Kitchen was one of my favorite places to eat!

4) Omega Institute (Rhinebeck New York)

I spent 2 months at Omega Institute working in their maintenance department.  This is a large operation with over 200 buildings, tents and areas that need maintenance.  They provided food, fun and Spiritual based classes.  The overall experience was great with the exception of an internal struggle between the volunteers and the corporate side of Omega.  With over 200 volunteers this place is one of the largest intentional communities in America!

My Skills & Talents:

Below is a list of skills and talents that I have acquired throughout my life.  I have run some form of a company for almost 18 years.  I currently run a hotel and resort marketing company called. “I Want To Travel To, llc.”.  Prior to this I ran a home improvement company called Bowman Home Improvements (Main Line Philadelphia) and Daytona Home Repair (Daytona Beach Florida). 

I have over 15 years experience in the construction trades and 5 years experience in all phases of internet marketing.  My travel company is really an SEO based travel service that sells timeshare vacation promotions.  SEO is the art of creating targeted content that ranks on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing.

If you need anymore information or want to chat, contact me at or (386)589-2352!

Intentional community volunteer with plumbing experience Plumbing:

I have 15 years of plumbing experience in both drainage, water supply and irrigation.  Of all the things that I am great at, plumbing is at the top of my list.  I have replaced hundreds of toilets, sinks, faucets and water heaters.  I have installed entire bathrooms including sewer ejector pump pits and systems.  I have created French drain systems and even replaced the main water line to several homes!

For 15 years I ran a service company and handyman business.  Before that I went to plumbing school (1 year) and worked for a master plumber for 2 years (Burnside Plumbing & Heating Berwyn, Pa.).  I have also worked for an HVAC company installing entire heating and cooling systems in million dollar homes. 

There isn’t much in the plumbing field that I can’t install, repair or replace.   

Intentional community volunteer with home repair and handyman experience General Construction Services:

For 15 years I fixed everything from A-Z!  From fixing railings to patching holes in walls, I ran a real diverse home repair service.  My average client had a $300,000 home, so my work had to be superior.  During my handyman career I fixed or installed:  doors, windows, carpets, floors, drywall, stucco, siding, roofs, tile, cabinets, and more.

I have a lot of experience with refinishing basements and installing bathrooms.  Also a lot of knowledge about insulation and the R (resistance) value of insulation products and weatherization. 

I can do basic framing like sheds and walls.  I can read a blueprint and layout small housing projects.  I don’t have a lot of experience with this, but I did help build the first floor of a hurricane proof hostel in Hawaii!  I worked with a master builder who took the time to teach rather than just work us to death!

Intentional community volunteer with electrical experience Electrical:

I have a lot of experience in electrical, but carry no certifications.  I have replaced hundreds of outlets, switches, lights, fans and more.  I have installed basic to fancy dimmer switches and GFI’s.  I have installed exterior lighting for paths and security.  I have installed one electrical panel and many new circuit breakers lines and wiring.  Just don’t tell the electrical inspector!

Electricity is dangerous, so don’t work on something if you don’t know what you are doing.  That is my policy here too.  If I don’t think I can do it, I will tell you so!  I never touch electrical unless I am confident that I have what I need and that it is safe now and later!

I do not have a lot of experience with solar, but I would like to learn all about it.

Intentional community volunteer with painting experience Painting:

I have painted small rooms and entire 5,000 square foot houses!  Interior or exterior, this is another one of my main skills.  Actually painting isn’t that difficult.  It just takes some patience, good brushes and quality paint! 

Many people try to cut corners by buying cheap paint!  Don’t do that, labor is wasted if the paint only lasts a year!  Spend the extra 50% and get at least the middle of the road paint.  I have actually had a painting business too called Daytona Beach Painting.  I professionally painted for 3 years after I shut down my handyman service in Pennsylvania. 

I also know how to caulk, patch drywall, sand and do all aspects of painting prep!

Intentional community volunteer with internet marketing and SEO experience Internet Marketing and Strategy:

I am an SEO strategist and keyword marketer.  For a little over 5 years I have been building and ranking WordPress websites on Google, Yahoo and Bing.  I am really good at this and spend a lot of time developing this skill!  I currently rank internationally for keyword searches like “timeshare vacation promotions, timeshare promotions, vacation promotions” and many more.

I read and stay current on all the changes that the internet is going through.  Many people are pissed about the changes that Google is making.  I think it is a great thing!  Google has said for years that they want people to create content that is valuable to the consumer.  That is what I do!

I hate when a company builds a single webpage and pays for 10,000 links to rank above my well thought out content.  Finally Google is being of integrity with their policies.  The truth is that it’s all about the consumer and what they are looking for.  All it takes is to create content that is consumer driven in pictures, videos and written word.  Then post that information on social networks and link it back to your main website.

Intentional community volunteer with internet marketing and SEO experience Social Marketing:

I have experience with Google Adwords and Bing!  I also participate in over 25 social networks and use a service called Only-wire which post blurbs to all of them with one click. 

Perhaps you don’t need that kind of exposure, but I am a Taurus and I can’t help it!  There are 2 main ways that websites are found on the internet.  One is SEO or search engine optimization and the other is by buying your way to the top. 

Google Adwords allows you to have the number one spot under any given search phrase if your willing to pay for it!  Depending on what you are selling it could cost a nickel or it could cost ten bucks per click!

If you are looking for quick results and only have time to build a few pages of content, this is your fastest and only choice.  Google gets 65% of all internet searches worldwide!

Intentional community volunteer with landcaping and irrigation experience Landscaping:

I also have experience in landscaping, flower bed design, irrigation, fencing and gardening.  I have installed post and rail fences and 6′ stockade privacy fencing.  I have installed 1000 yards of mulch, river rock and thousands of landscape timbers.  I have experience installing patios, walkways and small block walls. 

I have a lot of experience with a chainsaw, trimmers, weed whackers, brush clearer and even a bobcat!  I can power-wash and run a commercial wood chipper.  I can mix concrete and pour walkways or repair driveways too.

I love to build and design outdoor areas.  I have a connection with the earth and nature.  I have helped create outdoor meditation areas and gardens.

Basic Vehicle Mechanics:

Over the years of my life I have owned many vehicles that I have had to do repairs on myself.  I have worked on truck, vans and cars.  Projects that I have completed successfully range from brakes to ignition related problems.  I have also installed bin systems in several vans both metal and wood.  For a year when I was younger I worked at a Jiffy Lube.  I was the grease monkey that worked in the pit draining oil for both transmissions and engines. 

There is a great resource to learn how to fix vehicles.  YouTube has thousands of videos from seasoned mechanics that can aid in almost any repair.  I have done complete brake rehabs through video tutorials and have even fixed common problems like A/C and heat blower motor troubles. 

So what am I looking for?

I am looking for new experiences and interested in intentional communities, barter and work trade opportunities!  My intention is to spend 6 months a year teaching and learning new things in a community setting.  I believe that I can add value to any program, including teaching search marketing and construction based skills to volunteers.

Things I would like to learn more about:

Energy Healing:

I have been practicing Reiki now for almost 4 years.  I enjoy connecting with others and doing Reiki Shares.  I would like to learn other forms of energy work and am open to learning new things.  Reiki has changed the way that I see the world and came into my life during the a huge change in careers.  I have only experienced a few things in and around this ideal.  I am interested in drum circles, Native American healing arts, connecting with others powerfully.


I enjoy connecting with nature, hiking and fishing.  I like motivational materials and if you look around this website, you will see some of the things that I have learned about.  This website was one of the first sites that I built using WordPress.  It needs a lot of work, but is a great resource for Law Of Attraction and new age materials.

I collect crystals and have had some unique experiences from them.  I am intuitive and feel called to make a difference in the world.  Perhaps someday I will even write a book on the many things I have learned these past few years.

Hobbies I would Like To Learn:

I would like to learn guitar and drumming.  I have very little experience in music and have only a basic knowledge of instruments.  During my Hawaii experience, I met Danny!  Dan was the owner of an antique shop in Kealakekua.  His true passion in life is playing the drums.  He taught me some basic things about drumming and bass.  I would like to learn even more…

Art has always been an interest, but I have just never had the time.  I would like to learn how to draw and paint.  Since I like crystals, I would also like to learn how to make jewelry, walking sticks and dream catchers.  I have done some research on different metals and how to make forms and molds.

Solar technologies are also a big interest.  Having a construction background means I have the “Mr. Fix It” bug.  I have always had a knack for fixing things and even rebuilding things so they work better.  Knowledge and a department in this area would be a great value to me as your new volunteer!

Organic farming and getting back to natural foods is also an interest.  I would like to learn more about organic farming techniques, greenhouses, and hydroponics.  I have an extensive knowledge in plumbing and irrigation systems.  I can install all types of piping and have knowledge about pumps, timers, and zone valves.

Yoga, meditation, massage and energy work are great passions for me.  I would love to find a community that offers instruction in these areas.  I would happily trade additional work, skills and money for training and certification in these areas of study!


I do require a few things…  I run a business online so having internet and a cell phone signal is a must.  I am currently looking for someone to run the day to day operations for my travel business.  I would consider short stay completely off grid, but at this time I need the internet  and cell phone coverage. 

I am seeking a community that can offer me basic amenities like shelter and food.  I have a lot of experience and can run departments in both construction and web marketing.  My preference is a larger community that is US based. 

I can be reached through the contact form in the sidebar or at (386)589-2352.  I answer the phone as I Want To Travel To, since my 800 number is linked to my cell!