How To Tutorials

How To Tutorial Videos!

In this section I will be posting videos on a wide range of topics.

From blocking ads on the internet to building website!

Let’s start this section out with a video on how to block ads on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer!  The video below give you instructions on how to install “Ad Blocker Plus”.  In Firefox it is easily installed using the Firefox Add-ons feature located by clicking the Firefox drop down in the upper left corner!

This is an incredible plugin!  Since the install I have not had 1 commercial or banner ad show up on YouTube!  I am seriously impressed!!!

Block Ads On Your Internet Search Engine Browser!

Here is an article on “How To Block YouTube Ads”!  This specifically works for YouTube and will keep other forms of ads alive on the rest of the internet.  This option is a feature that Google allows and is easily done.  I personally installed and am testing the above “Ad-blocker Plus” plugin.  I thought I would post this second option for those that really LIKE ADS and want to keep them in other places that they surf!