The Universal Law Of Increase

Law Of Increase!

Also known as the Law Of Gratitude or Appreciation!  The Definition of appreciation to me is to increase the value of something!  If you appreciate everything in your world and create the feeling of gratitude, you will attract greater things!  You could call this law the Law Of Praise!  Did you know that your intent even if hidden only to you in your heart, is echoed into the world around you!

If you start right now and begin to appreciate, give gratitude, and praise everything in your reality; you will grow and miracles will happen!  Gratitude is the easiest thing to create the feeling of.  Just think of all the things that you have that someone in a place like Africa does not!  Bless the water that you bathe in.  Bless the food that you eat.  Bless the ground that you walk on.  This Universal Law is one of my favorites and it will make a huge difference in your life!

Bob Proctor on the Law Of Increase!