Positive Music YouTube Playlists

Positive music changes how you feel!

Changing how you fell increases your vibration…

Here is a collection of YouTube Playlists and long positive music videos!

I wanted to create a special section in SelfGrowthVideos where songs, playlists, and music with a positive intent could be posted.  Music truly soothes the mind, body and Spirit!  I have learned that manifesting new things in my life depends on the feelings that I am emitting in each moment.  If you have not listened to the new audiobook by Rhonda Byrne called “The Power” I highly recommend it!  It has changed my life and added a lot to the information that I have learned about the Law Of Attraction.

I have listened to a lot of information on the Universal laws.  Applying what I learned has given mixed results.  The truth is I was in counter balance…  

You truly need your thoughts, feelings, and actions to be in alignment to cause the fastest turn around.  The Power talks about “how we be” in our hearts.  If you judge anyone or struggle with anything, it must be returned to you!  That means if you think a negative thought about anyone or anything, that energy must be returned to you.  So managing how I be has become my everyday mission!

Here is the start of a section that I am sure will cause great changes in both myself and you!  Today I am more grateful than I have ever been!  The peace in my heart is growing and I can feel it at every level of my consciousness!

The video playlist below is very relaxing and the YouTube video information says:

“These songs use Alpha/Beta/Theta waves along with music to create the desired mental state.”

The playlist is about 6 hours long!  Go ahead and hit play and start your day!



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