Self Defense For Women

Below Are Some Great Self Defense Videos That Are Perfect For Women To Learn!

*Additional resources are provided for you to continue your self defense studies!

*A special thank you to Sifu Phu for his attention to the small details that make these techniques understandable.  After discovering his videos I moved him to the top of the page.  If you only watch a few of these, I recommend the top 4!

Women’s Self Defense – Defending Against A Choke From Behind

Learn how to get out of a sneak attack and throw your attacker to the ground!  Here is a great technique to learn to defend against a choke style attack from behind.  If you try this with a boyfriend please make sure he wears a cup!  I really love this move and I think you should learn it!  I actually learned a lot from this video.  I never knew that you could cancel a person choke strength just by raising your shoulder up.  Great video…

Want more videos from Enter Tai Chi?  Visit their YouTube Channel Here.

Women’s Self Defense – Attack The Eye Sockets – Attacking Soft Targets

I was so impressed by the last video I thought I would also share this one!  I think this is one of the best moves any person defending against an attacker can do.  It doesn’t take much to make the eyes water.  Even if you just partially poke the eyes you will reduce an attackers ability to defend and continue an attack.

Want more videos from Enter Tai Chi?  Visit their YouTube Channel Here.

Women’s Self Defense – Breaking Free From An Attackers Grip Using A Scientific Method

Learn how to break free from a grip or a grab.  I really like this teacher and his precise instruction.  Not only will he show you how to break free of a grab, but he will show you how to grab and explain the strengths and weaknesses of different wrist grabs.

Want more videos from Enter Tai Chi?  Visit their YouTube Channel Here.

Women’s Self Defense Ground Defense | Protecting Yourself From Being Mounted And Pinned

 Here is a great technique that could save you from being a victim of rape, assault or murder!  Learn how to throw an attacker off of you from the position of being pinned on the ground.  This technique does not require strength and relies on gravity and your attackers momentum.  Spend some time with a friend and practice this important self defense technique!

Want more videos from Enter Tai Chi?  Visit their YouTube Channel Here.

Soft Targets:

Here are some quick ways to hurt someone no matter how big they are!  My favorite soft target is the eyes.  In fact, in any fight that is my first primary target.  If they can’t see you they can’t defend or attack efficiently.  Reducing the attackers ability to attack and defend is the fastest way to set up an additional attack or to run away!

Like this teacher?  Check out his YouTube Channel here!

Top 7 Self Defense Moves that Women Need to Know

Here are a few great tips that are important to know.  I am a big fan of arm bars and will be sharing my favorite videos in a section devoted to just that.  Let Alison show you these basic quick tips in this short video tutorial.

Pure Motion Fitness has a bunch of additional videos that are self defense and workout related.  Visit their YouTube Channel Here!

Have you found a great self defense video for women?  Share the link for it below in the comments!


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