The Universal Law Of Prosperity (Giving & Receiving)

Law Of Giving & Receiving!

As you give, you receive!

Come from the place of giving!  It’s simple…  Appreciate everything in your world.  The more you bless everything the easier things will come for you to receive.  To receive you must create a space for it to be added.  Wish what you want on your neighbor or even your enemy.  Come from a place of love and see in your mind everyone having what you desire! 

I had an insight one day!  I thought about the sun and whether the sun felt that it did not get enough praise for all that it has done for us!  I imagined hearing the sun reply only one thing.  It said “I am the sun, look how it all blooms for me”!  What a lesson to learn…  If only we could see the effects we have on the world around us.

Do you cause the world to bloom or to shrink?  Are you a light to those that meet you or do they think poorly of you when you cross their minds?  You know that long after the sun sets for the day, the light of the sun is reflected in the moon!  Remember, long after you have left a person’s life something about you is reflected in their mind, just like the moon!


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