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Hot Alpha Female Dating Advice

Are you looking for some practical dating advice?

Hot Alpha Female has just that!  Whether you are a man or woman, there is some great information here.  I have had the pleasure of watching this young woman develop over the past 4 years.  I was first introduced to Jennifer’s videos back around 2009 when “Mind Movies” and “The Secret” first came out.

If you are looking for dating advice or just some dating tips, Jennifer has dozens of videos to help guide you on your way.  This section of Self Growth Videos will help you grow more confidence and learn what the opposite sex is thinking.  Many men are lost when it comes to understanding, meeting, or just saying hello to women. 

There is a wealth of advice here to help guide you into a positive relationship and advice on maintaining that relationship, long term!  I really enjoy the positive energy that Jennifer has and I know you will too!  I have posted her video playlists on the following pages.  I have include a lot of her videos since I feel they are that valuable to a persons personal growth (man or woman).

Here are 2 short videos to introduce you to Jennifer!

Here are links to Jennifer’s video playlists on YouTube.


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