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"Your story should not be your fortress but rather your fuel." - Lisa Nichols
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." -Walt Disney
"When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on." -Franklin D. Roosevelt
"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." -Robert Louis Stevenson
Dreams grow if you grow. Zig Ziglar
"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." -Nelson Mandela
"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." -Abraham Lincoln
"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin." -Tony Robbins
"Love the life you live. Live the life you love." -Bob Marley
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." -Helen Keller
If you judge people, you have no time to love them. Mother Teresa
All that we are is the result of what we have thought. Buddha
Stay hungry, stay foolish. Steve Jobs
The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. Malcolm X
Some people do really find fault like there's a reward for it. Zig Ziglar
It always seems impossible until it’s done. Nelson Mandela
Turn your wounds into wisdom. Oprah Winfrey
Whatever you are, be a good one. Abraham Lincoln
Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt
Little by little, one travels far. J.R.R. Tolkien
I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. Bruce Lee
A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything. Malcolm X
You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength. Marcus Aurelius
By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Benjamin Franklin
I think, therefore I am. René Descartes
To be, or not to be, that is the question. William Shakespeare
A lot of people quit looking for work as soon as they find a job. Zig Ziglar
Live life like your the hero in the story.
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Positive Aspects: Lucky Guy, Lucky Girl Syndrome

Another Positive Aspect Exercise On Luck

Let's focus on exercising the luck factor!

positive aspects about luck  Let’s rant about luck and how lucky I am.  My life is easy, it is not exactly how I want it to be but it is good.  I need to focus on the best parts of what is!

Create an emotional environment and listen to what the source has to say.  I am constantly guided unless I get frustrated and try to make it happen myself.  

I live in a free country.  I have running potable water and so much that I can waste it.  I( have heat and cooling.  I have electricity and lots of devices that work on that system of power.  

I have a decent bed and all the fixings to make it warm and cozy.  I feel good most of the time and I live in a good neighborhood.  I have a home and it is more than enough.  I have food and a supermarket that is fully stocked with thousands of items.  

I have been blessed with many insights and ideas that my life has allowed me to grow.  I grow in my mind and body weekly.  This morning it is cold but I am warm inside.

I have access to coffee houses and many other resources that enhance my life.  I feel good.  It feels like love, it feels like clarity.

I am aware of my thoughts and how they are sometimes less than rather than more than.  I have positive expectations.

I can see it either way.  Empty (less than) or Full (more than).  It is my focus that causes my blessings or curses.

Feel the presence of it.  How do you feel deserving, feel your way to it.

I want to feel good, I want to feel powerful, I want to feel certain, I want to feel love, I want to feel passionate, I want to feel fulfilled, I want to feel peace, I want to feel kind, I want to feel pleased, I want to be empowered, I want to feel strong, I want to feel amazing, I want to feel clear, I want to feel clear.

To find a pleasing match you have to feel pleased.  Feel more satisfied by focusing on satisfying things.

  No lack, I have more than enough.  I do not need to identify the problem.  I need to define what feels good and focus only on that.  

Let in what feels good and remove everything else.  Change the subject somehow!

The universe will give me the piece of pie that I want but I need to focus on the energy of that thing and find things that are already present.  

Kindness, love, harmony, and more!  Do not focus on the lack of something.  It is me, I do it to myself with my thoughts and feelings.

I live in a place where there is no war.  There are no snipers, there is low crime.  Practice elation, practice peacefulness, practice easy.

Discover Salma Llama & Her Spiritual Growth Tips

Seeing signs like 111, 222, 333, ...

Discover your spiritual bestie!  Just discovered this chick yesterday and on a day when I was super struggling.  I watched this video and this was her latest video and it’s where I was at in the moment.  It’s what I needed to hear it.  Take a few momenta and have a look for yourself.  Everyone needs a spiritual bestie!

“Salma Llama: Guiding Light on the Path of Spirituality”

Salma Llama is a beacon of light in the world of spirituality and personal growth on YouTube. Her content is a blend of personal experiences, spiritual practices, and practical advice, making spirituality accessible and relatable to her viewers.

She often shares her personal journey with her viewers, including her experiences with Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations and workshops. These videos provide a firsthand account of the transformative power of meditation and the impact it can have on one’s life.

In addition to meditation, Salma Llama also talks about manifestation and the law of attraction. She shares her own manifestation journey, providing tips and insights on how to harness the power of the universe to attract abundance and positivity into one’s life.

Her channel is not just about spirituality, but also about community. She engages with her viewers, responding to comments and questions, and fostering a supportive and positive community. Her authenticity and openness make her channel a safe space for exploration and growth.

With over 2.52K subscribers, Salma Llama’s influence continues to grow. She is a testament to the power of sharing one’s journey and the impact it can have on others. Whether you’re new to spirituality or well-versed in the practice, Salma Llama’s channel offers something for everyone.

Connect With Salma Llama:

My Personal Favorites & How I discovered Salma Llama:

Just deleted the library of angry music folders I had.  lol

This dude rocks when it comes to a slew of stuff related to Joe Dispenza.  He convinced me to spend $300 today!

Wow.  This one is so good I had to restart it to tell you about all the pieces.  Emotions get trapped in the body.  Energy blockages can be seen all around an individual from their perspective.  Signs, ask the universe to speak to you.  “I didn’t know energy could get trapped within the body”.  Love that!  I am having a serious morning.  At about this moment 15:31 of this clip, I was off daydreaming and I tuned back into this video at this very moment or close to it.  When I reran the video I was shocked that she was also way off topic talking about a wig or something.  lol,  This morning there have been at least two sign-like events and one was this moment tuning back in and hearing her say, Trust the universe, ask for signs, be aware of the guidance that is around you, and what’s coming to you.  You’re obviously… Holy shit!

I decided to click a video in the footer of this video as I moved forward.  I ended up at a playlist of videos.  “Human and divine, they work together.”  I just laughed so hard.  I flashed to a track from What About Bob – the movie.  Baby step into the elevator!  Follow signs and synchronicities.  Spiritual bestie.

Defining My Why: Todays Positive Attributes Lesson

Positive Aspects About Driving Forward!

Here is just one channel to listen to.  There are dozens of these channels with new channels almost every day.  Just Youtube the idea of a motivational workout.

I find value in Abe Hicks Rampages But So love getting my drive on:

It may not be easy, but it is possible.  Let that be my starting point of power.  Clearly defined.  Not easy, but definitely possible.  I wrestle with my mind and soon I’ll pin that mother fucker!

There are no speed bumps, no slowing down.  I must find a way.   Be resourceful, and keep the effort going.  I am stronger than my excuses.

A change of attitude means a change of latitude.  Work to do.  Daily I will create my future mentally while refusing to look at the wall I would normally see.  I envision winning a grand prize, perhaps the lottery.  Right place, right time.  

GREAT IS MY PILE!  GREAT IS MY PILE.  Listen within…  Trust.  Be still.  evolve.  Shift your thinking.  The potential of focus is not the same as daily working towards a focus. 

You’re all alone.  No one is coming to save you.  You will be destroyed if that is how you live.  You cannot have a happy ending from an unhappy daily hourly story.  

Change the story of your mind.  Fight for your future!  You stand at the opportunity of a lifetime.  Chaos to clarity.  Blurred to focus.  Bottom to top.  Taken and returned.  Defeat to victory.

Keep flapping cause at some point that turns into flight!  All roads lead back to your mindset.

Every day no days off.  More than I was yesterday.  Hone your crafts.  lay that brick.  Put the work in.  

There is no force against me except me.  I quit before I tried hard enough to beat me.  No one i going to do it for me, I must do it myself.

Force yourself to do a ritual of discomfort every day.  Force of will.  Do not listen to how you feel, follow through with the tasks set.  

Set the standard, uphold the standard, and outperform the standard.  Get control of your feelings.  Become tougher.

Discipline keeps you getting it done, not motivation.  Discipline yourself.  Set the daily standard, tick off the tasks, and get it done no days off.

Take ownership.  Get control of you.  Take ownership of problems, bullshit, job, and life, and no you’re all alone.  You must do it for yourself or you stay where you are.

You’re never going to feel like it.  Discipline yourself, move forward, and get it done now.  No gym, got a floor?  Mind gets no vote, do the work, go through the motions.


Are you running from something?  Are you a gazelle?  Lions chase and gazelles run.  Are you in the hunt?  Are you driving, pushing, self-regulated?  Lions hunt and run till they get a gazelle.

A true hunter hunts.  Are you training daily?  Have you set the standard?  Are you upholding the daily standard?

Yes, it’s hard, and yes it’s difficult.  You got what it takes.  Self-made motherfucker!  Dream it possible, stop quitting short of the gazelle!

Daily process.  Keep dreaming, and keep hitting the standard.  Discipline yourself.  Daily process.

Get serious.  Set the daily standard.

No days off, set the standard.  Daily perform the standard.  Put in the reps.  The rep turns into a reward!  Accept that you will have to do the work and just do it!


Go against your tide, conquer yourself.  It’s a matter of will.  It’s a matter of commitment.  Perseverance to see it through.  Try harder.  

Every morning when you wake up, another opportunity to start again.  Blessed to have the opportunity of life!  You are alive, in the greatest time man has known.  

We are looking to put people on Mars!  Feel like it’s more.  Feel like you more.  My Pile Is Great!

I love my life and all my lessons.  I love the daily grind at a thing.  Grow through action.  Don’t complain unless you’re doing the action.  Step up and become someone you didn’t think you could be!

Fight for you.  Show the world through your example and become that person.  Get into the vortex!  Great is my pile, great is my pile, the pile of me, the pile of my experiences, the pile of me.  Great is my pile.  

I appreciate the rain and the sun.  The days off and the days of hard work.  I have honed a force inside of me.  Make a plan and fight for the life you could have.

Good morning.  Time to start the grind.  No days off, set the standard.  Consistent, daily effort.  Discipline every single day.  If you want to be stronger, every day.  If you want to win, every day.





Positive Attributes About: My Father

My father Stuck It Out!

Let me increase my love for my Father through Appreciation:

Today is a great day.  I have found new drive and momentum for my life.  Today I meditated, did breath work, and had a cold water plunge.  I start now with day three of my positive aspects exercises set forth by Esther Hicks aka Abraham Hicks.  Yesterday and the day before have set already a feeling that rises as I begin.  

My Father loved and stuck by my Mother’s side for 48 years of marriage.  The two met in 1970 after he left the navy and the two of them fell in love.  They married a few years before having me and then a year and a half later had my Brother, Mike.  The four of us were a kind and gentle family that found faith in Christianity.  Even though that all turned sour due to abuse from a Christian school and a pedophile that they covered for, we still had a lot of great years.

I love my Father and today at the age of 50 I stand by his side as he slowly dies from the poisons he was exposed to in Vietnam.  He is a good man and a great example of how to be in that he is patient, kind, and dependable.

My family life was rough as we grew up and I am aware that many other men abandoned their families when my Father did not.  Times were not always good and many times were flat-out tough.  My Father works in a factory as a top adjuster and machinist.  He struggled to make a paycheck week after week, working many hours of overtime so we could have more.

To this day the man still does little to reward himself and is constantly helping others on their paths.  I love my Father and he is a great example of a Father.  I am sad that I cannot help him more.

I am in my heart broken in many ways over a lifetime of grief that is my bag to carry.  I stand here now able and full of love and hope that he will live forever, but I fear that will not endure.  I miss my Mother who passed over 4 years ago.  She and my Father stuck it out for 48 years and many of those were tough but somehow they pulled through.

I have many resentments and I have a hard time letting go.  I am tough, skilled, and driven.  I do not see and did not get that from him or her.  The lessons that I did get have guided me throughout these 50 years.  I miss Mom and I was not a good Son to her.  We had much baggage between us that we left fester rather than resolve.

So many years of regrets.  Oops, I slipped off the point here.  I love my family and it’s not too late for me to change this rant and the feeling I harbor within me.  What do I love the most about them?

I love that my father built a home rather than himself.  I am grateful that he worked so hard for us and did so much for us rather than being selfish and serving himself.  The man went without for so many years and it is now his reality and way of being.

I hope that he feels and knows how much it meant to me that he stayed and worked so many years of life away for us.  We were a simple family and I forget many times all those years from my youth.  I let hate creep into my heart years ago and it stifled all that has become between us.

He still stands with me even though for some time I have hated him for several actions he took.  When I weigh my life and my own choices I see where he has even after my youth was still there for me.  I fear the day I lose him forever like we did our Mother.

There is still time but I fear for him and how he may suffer before he goes.  I need so much to man up more for him before this all goes down sour.  I am in fear rather than bliss right now.  My love swells within me.

Tears flow, as I remember so much that I forgot to hold dear.  How do I honor this man?

I love my Father.  I love my Mother.  I missed so many opportunities to connect better with both of them.  My Father is a good man and he deserves so much more from his life experience.  I wish to connect better with him and will make a better effort at this.

I need to find forgiveness for so many things that I hold against my Family.  I met someone this past month who had no family.  Yesterday there was a quote that said, “A man complained about having no shoes, till he met a man who had no feet”.

This has great meaning and I am moved by this idea that my gratitude is not very great.  I am so grateful for my Father and Mother.  Thank you for staying together and fighting for our family.  

So many years of life together even though we partially fell apart.  The problem is me!

This person I met has so little family that I feel so fortunate.  She was a foster home child who was beaten by her foster family.  Her experience of life left her on disability for a lifetime.  At the age of 44, she has no skills and no family experience as a foundation in her life.  She is somehow happy, but I am sure that she hides her pain beyond what I see.

I take for granted all the years of family that I have behind me.  It truly was the backbone of my life.  I for years held so my against both of them and my Brother too.  I took what was a great blessing and turned it into a rock that has sunk my heart into darkness.  I am ashamed of the years I wasted.

I don’t want to lose him and I fear for the future.  How do I stand harder and help him more?  How can I help him have the happy ending he deserves for all those years he sacrificed for us?  How can I be a Son he is proud of and I feel that from him?  I feel mostly like I am a problem for him, even though I try so hard.

How do I honor a man who served his country, sacrificed 10 years in the Navy, and had a poor family life himself?  How do I honor his last years and how do I remember him till my end?  How do I find peace with all that was so that I can create something more for him, me, us?

I wish I could go back and hug my Mother.  She died horribly from Cancer and I was there for her but it was not enough.  How do I be a rock for my Father?  How do I prepare better from a place of weakness?  How do I rise above all this sadness and indifference?  How do I find love in my heart again?

My Father is a good man, he loves God and Jesus, he tried hard for us and sacrificed many things he could have had for himself.  He did not shirk on us and gave us all that he had to give.  He worked 60 hours or more in a hot factory that at times was 120 degrees.  He did it all so we could have more than he did.  He succeeded and we did have so much more than he had as a child.  

My Father is a great man in that he did not fail us.  He is strong even in his old age and frailness.  He loves me even though I tell him off for dumb things that I feel could have been.  I keep throwing away all that was better than for the idea it could have been better.  My Father was a provider and he gave us so much.  Thank you pop for all of it.  Today I am so grateful for you and your struggle of life.  

I pray for your healing and longer life.  Spirit protect this man, he was and is my rock and foundation.  I love him more than I could ever say to him in any way.  My Father was a good man, full of love for his mostly ungrateful family.  I owe him so much more!

Positive Attributes About: My Body

positive attributes exercise mentioned by abe hicks

Defining The Positive Attributes of My Physical Body:

Esther Hicks Talks about rampaging on positive attributes & writing them down.

positive attributes exercise mentioned by abe hicksToday is day 2 of my positive attributes personal practice.  I have listened to Abe Hicks for over 15 years and yesterday was my first day writing them down.  I have in the past done rampages and followed along with Esther but never have really put forth the effort to do this in writing or typing.  Already I feel totally different.

Today marks to 130th day of changing my life.  I have lost over 50lbs during this time and I feel amazing.  At the age of 50, I am in the best shape of my life.  I weigh 191lbs and follow David Goggins-like exercises where I push myself well past the point I thought was possible for me.  

Let’s begin:  I love my new body, I have worked hard to lose the weight that was slowing me down, I started ice bathing at about 55 degrees and am doing this along with breathing exercises and meditation every day.  Today is day two of being super serious about my mind and how I consciously influence it with my thoughts.  I have pushed my physical body to almost its max.  I do 500 pushups daily plus several other exercises like bicep curls (145) and shoulder raises (200).  I am adding other physical challenges like doing this mental exercise, meditation, cold bathing, and a list of personal care stuff.

I feel really amazing in so many ways.  I have a calm feeling in my mind and I feel strong in my body.  I am happy that I am blogging again on this site.  I have already seen changes in both mind, body, and money.  I love my feet which feel good when stretched and I love to give my feet a professional foot rub at the place around the corner.  I love the ability to walk and I am grateful that I have legs.  

I like that I lost 50 lbs and my ass is looking better than ever.  I have doubled the size of my arms and my forearms are getting massive.  I still have a bit of fat on my waist, but that is melting away daily as I continue on this new path and push for health.  I don’t feel old anymore since I started to push myself past my previous set point and clean up my mind.

I started to put lotion on my whole body and tell my body I love me.  I shave daily even if I don’t need to.  I love my morning ritual and I don’t check email, listen to music, or do any sort of work before late morning.  The cold bath really has created a feeling of relaxation within me. 

I love my new body.  It wasn’t easy but I needed to do it for myself.  I trust in the process and as I stare in the mirror, I am impressed.  I avoid thoughts that condemn, criticize, and complain.  I focus on positive rants but it’s different now.  I somehow am not trying to just get through doing these things.

I focus on feeling good throughout the day and the mornings are so calm.  It’s raining outside but I barely care or notice it.  I am aware of how I feel and I feel relaxed and patient.  I love that I have all my fingers and toes.  I love that I can run, walk, and do so many things with this body of mine.

I have grown so my throughout my life.  I have played many roles and I am grateful for all of them.  Even the bad moments caused me to try again or try harder.  

I now see that in my mind I was honing a certain character and I can hone that character even more.  

I love the new me I am forging through effort.  The effort doesn’t seem so heavy anymore.  I am grateful for me.   Part one (day one) is here:

Positive Attributes About: My Home

Positive Attributes Abraham Hicks Example

Abraham Hicks Positive Attributes Mental Exercise

Example of a self created written positive attribute statement:

Here Is My List Of Positive Attributes About My Home:

Positive Attributes Abraham Hicks ExampleMy home is more than enough, I have a safe neighborhood I live in, I have decent neighbors who won’t rob me, I live in a retirement community and am one of the youngest, The development takes care of cutting the grass, the community helps keep everyone looking good externally, I deserve to feel good about my home, my doors locks even though its not needed, I am safe in my home, I have a nice carpet, it might need to be cleaned but I like the color (blue) and how it feels on my bare feet, I have a sofa in fact I have 3, I have heating and cooling and it works well, I have interior doors and they are custom two-panel doors, I have windows and a roof that secure me and keep the heat in, I have a kitten and his name is Oden, Oden loves me and wants to eat me at times, He climbs everything and everything is a toy, he gives amazing love and purrs himself to sleep next to me, I am safe in my home, I have extra rooms nad a porch, I have so many tools and things to repair and build up my home, I have my own business and I work from my home, I have chair rail trim and it looks very nice, I have two bathrooms and both have showers, I have a really nice sofa and I stored it away from Oden, I call my extra room “the keep” and I store extra things in there, I have walls and doors that keep me safe and comfortable, I have space to workout and stretch, I have wall space for a marker board to record my daily activities and excercises, I have a roof that is only a few years old and is in great shape, I have curtains and blinds, I have a great TV and its like 60 inches or more, I have a TV mount and its attached to the wall, I have a washer and dryer, I have a car, I have a driveway and its has two extra spots that I don’t use, I have closets with shelves, I have a steel security door on the back of the building that helps me feel more secure, I have two refrigerators, I have a floor freezer I converted into an ice bath, I have an extra TV and TV room, I have a power washer and its a 4500 PSI beast, I have a driveway cleaner device that attches to that powerwasher, I have 3 entrances to this building, I have a new electrical system and panel, I have an electric stove that works well, I have a nice sink and a great faucet with spray nozzel, I have a microwave with rotating plate, I have a vent fan on that microwave, I have garden hoses and nice mounts for them, I have nice cabinets and nice counter tops made of stone, I have a floor that is solid, I have two great toilets, I have trash cans and pleanty of trash bags, I have great lighting and LED 150 watts bulbs, I have Alexa, I have Alexa powered lights and even have colorful cabinet lights, I have lots of dishes, I have a silver silverware collection, I have a king size bed but I sleep on a single bed, both beds are really nice, I have great blankets, I have extra pillows and I can choose soft or hard, I have whole house fans and I love to run then on at least medium, I have endless electricity and its is inexpensive, I have food and several supermarkest nearby, we have a community pool and play area with tennis courts and shuffle board, I live really close to the beach and could go there now, I have space heaters, I have this moment, I have pots and pans and lots of utensils, I have a generator and gas cans, I have plants and I love them, I have cactus and more than 10, I have a trellace like screen where I am growing a sweet potatoe vine, I have a feeling of love for my home and I have acheived the goal of positive attribites for today, I love you and I love me!

I’m Going To Get Called In On That

This Actor Is Going Places!

Esther Reveals How To Fine Tune A Dream:

  • Abraham Hicks is a group consciousness that teaches people how to use the Law of Attraction to create the life they want.
  • The Law of Attraction states that you attract what you focus on. So, if you focus on positive thoughts and feelings, you will attract positive experiences into your life.
  • The man in the conversation is an actor who has been using the Law of Attraction to manifest his dreams. He has been successful in getting called in for auditions and landing roles.
  • Abraham Hicks tells him that he is doing well, but he could do even better by coming from a place of love and knowing, rather than need and pain.
  • They explain that when you come from a place of need, you are asking the universe to give you something that you don’t believe you already have. This creates a push-pull dynamic that can actually prevent you from getting what you want.
  • On the other hand, when you come from a place of love and knowing, you are simply stating your desire and trusting that the universe will deliver it to you. This creates a more relaxed and confident vibration that is more likely to attract what you want.
  • Abraham Hicks also tells the man that he should not be afraid to appear arrogant or sure of himself. When you are confident in your ability to manifest your dreams, you are more likely to succeed.

In summary, the conversation is about the importance of coming from a place of love and knowing when using the Law of Attraction. When you do this, you are more likely to attract the things you want into your life.

Here are some additional tips for using the Law of Attraction:

  • Be specific about what you want. The more specific you are, the easier it will be for the universe to deliver it to you.
  • Focus on the positive. When you focus on positive thoughts and feelings, you are raising your vibration and attracting more positive experiences into your life.
  • Take inspired action. Once you have set your intention, take action toward your goal. This could involve taking classes, networking, or putting yourself in situations where you can meet people who can help you achieve your goal.
  • Be patient. The Law of Attraction is not an overnight process. It takes time and effort to manifest your dreams. However, if you are patient and persistent, you will eventually achieve your goals.

It’s Not About The Tools In Your Hands

Esther Reveals Why He Throws His Tools.

Esther Reveals Why He Throws His Tools.

This discussion revolves around the practice of meditation and its relationship with connecting to one’s inner being or higher self. The speaker explains that meditation is a tool used to quiet the mind, which allows for the release of resistance and the natural dominance of Source energy or higher vibrations.

The transcript highlights the experiences of the person referred to as Esther during her meditation practice. It mentions that initially, she experiences a state of numbness, which is followed by sensations of movement in her body. These sensations, such as twitches and itches, are described as the energy of Source beginning to dominate her vibration and dissolve any lower vibrational frequencies related to resistance or negative emotions.

As Esther progresses in her meditation practice, she starts to feel the impulses to move, yawn, or respond to music. These movements and responses are attributed to the non-physical aspect of her being, which is in tune with broader perspective or Source energy. It is emphasized that allowing these movements and responses is a positive sign of being in an open and receptive state, aligning with the energy of Source.

The transcript also touches upon the idea that the experience of Source energy can vary from person to person. Each individual may perceive or feel it differently, akin to how different sounds are heard by different individuals or animals. The speaker suggests that one’s own emotions and state of being can influence the perception of Source energy. For example, feeling love and appreciation enhances the connection and perception of Source energy, while negative emotions like anger or despair may distort its perception.

Throughout the discussion, it is emphasized that meditation and the resulting connection with Source energy are not strange or unusual phenomena. Instead, they are seen as natural aspects of one’s being and an alignment with one’s true self. The purpose of meditation is described as closing the gap between the physical self and the inner being, allowing one to be more aligned with their authentic self and enjoy life more fully.

In summary, the transcript explores the experiences of Esther during her meditation practice, emphasizing the importance of quieting the mind, allowing Source energy to dominate one’s vibration, and experiencing the resulting sensations and movements as indicators of alignment and connection with one’s inner being.

Just Breath & Love, Breath & Love…

Esther Reveals How To...

cliff Note Overview:

The video begins with a discussion about the value of stability and inner peace. The speaker explains that being alone doesn’t necessarily make you better at managing your emotions, it just reduces the number of people around you who can potentially annoy you. They stress that, over time, even if alone, you’ll become dissatisfied with yourself if you can’t stabilize and find happiness.

The speaker then touches on the concept of chaos. They highlight that chaos often arises when you focus on too many things at once, causing a clash of contradictory vibrations within you. This scattering of attention can make you feel overwhelmed, and the instinctual response may be to retreat or isolate yourself from others. However, the solution is not in isolation but in learning to focus on thoughts that make you feel good, which will gradually stabilize your internal vibrations.

The speaker then shares their belief in the power of focused intention to bring about a feeling of goodness and the practice of what they call “the art of allowing”. This concept involves allowing yourself to receive all the wonderful things that life has to offer by eliminating resistance.

Two action steps are suggested. First, they recommend taking 15 minutes each day to focus solely on breathing, celebrating the life-giving qualities of oxygen. The act of focused breathing is described as a crucial exercise of “allowing” that helps individuals find peace amidst chaos.

Second, the speaker encourages the audience to incorporate love into this exercise after a few days, starting with self-love and then expanding it to others. They assert that consistent practice will align the many aspects of your life into a harmonious picture.

Then, the speaker responds to a question about how to deal with the energetic chaos of massaging different people. They suggest aligning one’s own energy before the massage session to prevent being pulled into the client’s energy field, which could lead to physical fatigue.

The speaker advises massagers not to push through energy blockages, but rather to accept and respect the client’s current state. By understanding and acknowledging the client’s readiness to receive, massagers can avoid the backlash of forcing more energy than the client is prepared to take. This prevents chaos in their experience and allows for a more peaceful interaction.

In conclusion, the speaker emphasizes that the ability to facilitate the client’s experience without trying to control it will greatly improve the massager’s own wellbeing.

Video Transcript:

 I’m doing it so much better than I ever have and I lived alone for a lot of  years and I was much better at it then  so no you weren’t no  we love you but no tell me give it to me  you weren’t so much better at it you  just had less to try to manage in other  words when you’re all alone  there’s not nearly as many people to bug  you yeah  but then you must become a Hermit to be  happy yeah I know and in time you won’t  even like yourself yeah one of the words  that never works it’s so much better to  stabilize and look for things that feel  good wherever you are and then you can  go anywhere and feel good I want that  and I love the richness in my life and I  love all of the people and I love the  variety and most of the time I really am  just devouring it and finding so many  wonderful things about it we want to go  back to this chaos thing because we know  how uncomfortable that feels and we want  you to realize that anytime you give  your attention to anything your  attention to it activates the vibration  of it within you and a feeling of being  scattered or confused that chaotic  feeling is about focusing upon lots of  different things and usually  contradictory things so that they’re all  activated within you so that you’re  running around on the brink of things  being activated depending upon what your  environment brings to you and that makes  you feel like you want to hide from  people it makes you feel like you want  to close yourself off from them where  when you show Yourself by practicing  when it’s comfortable to do so and that  it usually begins when you’re by  yourself as you practice choosing  thoughts that feel good and you use your  willpower to focus upon them because  they feel good what happens is in a very  short period of time you deactivate by  virtue of activating these things you  deactivate those things so that law of  attraction must give you more of those  kinds of things so then your life  becomes one of Greater harmonics instead  of disharmonics  you don’t want to be single-minded  because we like the word you use you  like the richness and fullness of the  variety of your experience but you can  have richness in harmony or you can have  richness or Variety in disharmony or  Discord so it’s all about my newfound  determination to focus  with the intention of generating a  feeling that feels good to me while I do  it that really is the key  to what we call in this Workshop art of  allowing the art of allowing all of the  wonderful things in that want in by  virtue of my releasing resistance which  is the only thing that’s been keeping  them out  there are two things that we would  encourage you to do  in terms of action  sit every day for 15 minutes with the  intention of filling your body full of  air breathe breathe breathe breathe  breathe breathe breathe breathe breathe  just breathe that’s your assignment 15  minutes of breathing 15 minutes of in  and out in and out and appreciation for  this delicious oxygen in and out in and  out in and out just breathing breathing  breathing breathing breathing if you  would just do that your chaotic world  would smooth right out it would  just by focusing on breathing for 15  minutes every day 15 minutes of  breathing really breathing breathing  with the idea of filling my body feeling  my lungs so that my lungs can transport  the oxygen and all of its life-giving  qualities to the extremities of my body  breathing if you’re running if you’re  moving your body you’re doing it  automatically but breathe breathe  breathe breathe breathe breathe breathe  it is the exercise of allowing above all  other exercises of allowing in other  words the air is there for you the  well-being is there for you Source  energy is lined everything up for you  just breathe yourself into receiving the  fullness and no chaos there just breathe  Just Breathe It is the most natural  thing in the world you are worthy and  loved and Brilliant and your life has  caused you to launch so many rockets  that are right there ready to come into  fruition just breathe them into being  and then after you breathe for 15  minutes every day for a while then use  that time to breathe and love me breathe  and love me breathe and love the air  breathe and love my body breathe and  love my nose breathe and love my lungs  breathe and love my physical mechanism  just breathe and love and breathe and  love and breathe and love and breathe  and love and after you’ve done that for  a few days then breathe and love that  one over there and breathe and love that  one over there and breathe and love and  breathe and love and before you know it  that chaos which is only because of too  many activated things within you lines  right up to this perfect picture that  you’ve been accumulating over many many  years that Source energy has already  become and then suddenly you begin  noticing that who you have become in  terms of non-physical energy you just  begin becoming in terms of manifestation  you just become it and when people say  how did you do it was it hard you say it  was as easy as breathing really  thank you so much I do a lot of Massage  and I love to do it and I get a lot of  different people again a lot of variety  and I think one reason why I’ve been so  chaotic is even though I’m really  focused the whole time I still am like  my nervous system is still taking it in  and I spend a lot of time just seeking  for that balance and so I really  appreciate the breathing while I’m in  the massage doing the massage is can you  help me with something to focus where to  focus well we’re appreciating the wisdom  and the way you presented this because  if you will take time to breathe  yourself into alignment before your  first encounter in a day you’ll find  that you won’t be trying so hard what’s  happening to you is you’re very  sensitive to energy and so you get  yourself lined up and then you introduce  yourself in really full fashion to  what’s going on with someone else and as  you do that instead of bringing them up  to your vibration you’re sort of meeting  them at their vibration and then  recognizing it because you can tell by  the way you feel as you don’t feel the  energy and the way you’re accustomed to  and you even find yourself feeling  physical fatigue as a result of it and  so what you’re wanting to do is to do  your work before you do the massage  because once you get into it it’s too  late yeah okay unless they’re really  tuned in in which case they’ll take you  for a very good ride  so you could put a shingle out that says  only come to me when you’re at your best  but most of them don’t think that’s when  they need you right they want to come to  you so that you can help them find their  best you say and so you might want to  integrate some of that breathing into  your preliminary massage work with them  in other words let them know that you’re  going to help them without even touching  them for a little while massage from the  inside out and then just sit for two or  three minutes and deep breathe with them  just to sort of relax them and relax you  it can make a world of difference as you  begin the work you see and then the next  specific thing in response to your  specific question is when you bump up  against something energy wise and when  that happens  that’s the time for you to breathe  because in your breathing what it’s  saying is I’m just going to let this be  what it bees while I connect with the  energy that is me and in your breathing  it happens with a lot of healers and  people who are doing massage or even  medicine or anyone who is hands on  anything with another very often what  happens is you get so that you can feel  when it’s flowing and you can feel when  you’ve bumped up against something and  the knee-jerk reaction when you bump up  against it is to Garner more energy and  push a little but if they’re blocked and  you push it just backlashes right back  at you and it doesn’t help them  we’ve never ever seen anyone no matter  how talented they are in accessing the  energy push through a blockage you just  can’t do it because whatever you’re  pushing against is getting bigger  by your awareness of it so you have to  Envision blockage free  in other words you have to see them as  open and receiving and so the attitude  that we would have and the words that we  would speak during our breathing  exercise prior to interacting with them  is I’m aligning to this Source energy  and I’m enhancing my sensitivity to  their energy and I’m going to know how  much they’re ready for and that’s what  I’m going to flow and whatever they’re  ready for is just right for today  because every day is a new day and so  this is just where they are today  sometimes you have a client where you  remember a particularly good experience  with them and that’s what they want from  you again they want that from you again  even though today they’re an honorary  toad  today they’re nowhere near the openness  than they were that day but they want  the same thing from you you see well  they can’t get the same thing their  vibration has to be in a place where  they are allowing it and when you take  responsibility for their vibration you  get chaos in your experience  so your attitude to them whether you  speak it or not is I am willing to  facilitate you in receiving whatever  you’re ready to allow whatever you are  ready to allow and if it’s a lot I’m up  for it if it’s not so much that’s okay  too and as you stop trying to push more  at them than they’re ready for oh your  world is going to get so much better  that’s great thank you so much that  should work  thank you 

Fear Of Commitment & Fear Of Running Away (Relationship Advice)

Esther Reveals A Bit Of Relationship Advice:

In this video, Esther Hicks, known as Abraham Hicks, explores the concept of finding love and appreciation within oneself. She emphasizes the importance of not relying on external sources, such as other people, for validation and love. Instead, she suggests that individuals can tap into a steady source of love by connecting with their inner being or inner self.

Esther Hicks explains that seeking love and validation from others can be inconsistent because it depends on their behavior and circumstances. It is not a steady source of love. However, she suggests that by focusing on loving oneself and others, individuals can experience that warm and fuzzy feeling associated with love. This means appreciating oneself, acknowledging personal greatness, and extending love and appreciation to others.

She goes on to explain that when someone holds you as their object of attention and appreciates you, it feels wonderful because Source energy (the universal life force) is flowing through them to you. However, she emphasizes that each individual has their own direct connection to Source energy, and they don’t need someone else to feel that love and appreciation. One can tap into that love by connecting with their inner being, which is always aligned with Source energy and always flowing love.

The discussion then shifts towards relationships, specifically the dynamics of commitment and freedom. Esther Hicks mentions that women often desire commitment while men often desire freedom. She explains that when individuals try to control or demand commitment from their partner, it can create resistance and push the partner away. Instead, she advises individuals to focus on their own alignment, happiness, and well-being. By doing so, they become a vibrational match to what they desire, and the universe will bring forth the cooperative components to manifest a fulfilling relationship.

Esther Hicks encourages individuals to engage in a 30-day challenge of finding happiness within themselves. By focusing on activities and thoughts that bring joy, individuals align with their own resources and become a magnet for positive experiences. She suggests avoiding trying too hard or worrying about specific outcomes and instead directing attention to other aspects of life. By finding happiness independently, individuals can have a more fulfilling and balanced relationship with others.

Overall, the video emphasizes the importance of self-love, appreciation, and alignment with one’s own inner being. By finding love within oneself and focusing on personal happiness, individuals can attract positive relationships and experiences into their lives.

Abe Hicks: Something Is Missing!

"Navigating Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction in Relationships: A Focus on Emotional Growth"

Esther Hicks discusses their satisfaction with their relationship but is troubled by the lack of intimacy. They question whether it’s right to consider ending the relationship for the one missing aspect.

They are advised to find satisfaction even in the absence of this missing piece. This is explained as being similar to finding happiness when other aspects of life may not be in place. The notion is to find contentment in what’s already present, which would open the way for more fulfillment to flow in.

The speaker is encouraged to reflect on the relationship’s positive aspects when they are apart, rather than focusing on the lack of intimacy. They should emphasize the other satisfying facets of their life to attract this missing piece. It’s advised not to let the absence dominate their thoughts, as it prevents them from welcoming the desired outcome.

If the speaker remains focused on the one missing element, they risk diminishing the satisfaction derived from the other aspects of their life. Instead, they should concentrate on the things that are going well to improve the overall situation.

To achieve this, they need to look beyond their current conditions and allow their inner being to lead them to what they desire. Taking action out of a lack or need may yield the opposite of the desired outcome. Instead, the speaker is urged to remain in a receptive mode, which would let ideas occur to them.

The central theme of the discussion is finding satisfaction without the manifestation of the desired outcome. The speaker is urged to focus on what they have rather than what’s missing. Their attention to their current reality, which may be lacking, is a barrier to achieving their desires. If they find satisfaction in understanding the laws of the universe and focus on the feeling of satisfaction, they can achieve anything.

The dialogue ends with a reminder not to focus on negative emotions as it’s equivalent to willingly enduring pain, which is counterproductive to their goals. The speaker is reassured that what they desire is in the process of manifesting, and it’s up to them to determine how long it takes based on their ability to find satisfaction in their current state.

Abe Hicks: Focus Not Clarity

"Manifesting Clarity and Desire: An Insightful Dialogue on Alignment, Attraction, and Awakening"

In this enlightening conversation, the speaker addresses a variety of life aspects from personal desires and achieving clarity to publishing an enlightening novel, navigating romantic relationships, and understanding physical transformations during spiritual awakening. With a focus on ‘feeling’ as the essential guidance system, the speaker navigates through the complex layers of these topics, providing nuanced insights and encouraging a softer, resistance-free approach to achieving one’s desires. The key takeaway: the importance of focusing on what feels good and allowing the law of attraction to manifest clarity and desired outcomes in one’s life.

"Unraveling the Power of Focus, Emotional Response, and Law of Attraction in Achieving Life Goals and Spiritual Enlightenment"

Seeking to understand the importance of clarity in manifestation and the pursuit of desires, was advised not to make clarity the ultimate goal, but rather to focus on feeling good and limiting resistance. Clarity, they said, is a natural evolution of focus without resistance. The speaker also mentioned writing a novel intended to guide people towards their own truths and to divine communication. They were advised to approach this intention gently, focusing on bringing fun and ease to readers rather than trying to forcibly ‘crack people open’ to new ideas.

The speaker then asked for advice on their romantic life. They’ve been successful in attracting attractive, successful, and spiritually open-minded men, but found these relationships fleeting. The response was that this might be part of the clarification process, and that they shouldn’t worry about things not sticking immediately. They were encouraged to continue clarifying until they found a match that truly resonated with their needs and desires.

Finally, the speaker asked about their belief in the physical body shifting into crystallization as part of a spiritual awakening and ascension process. They were told this was likely a metaphorical way of explaining the harmony between physical and vibrational reality, but the actual bodies would not literally crystallize. Instead, the ‘symptoms’ of spiritual awakening and ascension were described as a state of heightened clarity, energy, joy, and appreciation of sensory experiences, rather than any physical transformation.

Abe Hicks: What She Feels In Meditation When Source Comes Through

Esther Reveals What She Feels When...

This discussion revolves around the practice of meditation and its relationship with connecting to one’s inner being or higher self. The speaker explains that meditation is a tool used to quiet the mind, which allows for the release of resistance and the natural dominance of Source energy or higher vibrations.

The transcript highlights the experiences of the person referred to as Esther during her meditation practice. It mentions that initially, she experiences a state of numbness, which is followed by sensations of movement in her body. These sensations, such as twitches and itches, are described as the energy of Source beginning to dominate her vibration and dissolve any lower vibrational frequencies related to resistance or negative emotions.

As Esther progresses in her meditation practice, she starts to feel the impulses to move, yawn, or respond to music. These movements and responses are attributed to the non-physical aspect of her being, which is in tune with broader perspective or Source energy. It is emphasized that allowing these movements and responses is a positive sign of being in an open and receptive state, aligning with the energy of Source.

The transcript also touches upon the idea that the experience of Source energy can vary from person to person. Each individual may perceive or feel it differently, akin to how different sounds are heard by different individuals or animals. The speaker suggests that one’s own emotions and state of being can influence the perception of Source energy. For example, feeling love and appreciation enhances the connection and perception of Source energy, while negative emotions like anger or despair may distort its perception.

Throughout the discussion, it is emphasized that meditation and the resulting connection with Source energy are not strange or unusual phenomena. Instead, they are seen as natural aspects of one’s being and an alignment with one’s true self. The purpose of meditation is described as closing the gap between the physical self and the inner being, allowing one to be more aligned with their authentic self and enjoy life more fully.

In summary, the transcript explores the experiences of Esther during her meditation practice, emphasizing the importance of quieting the mind, allowing Source energy to dominate one’s vibration, and experiencing the resulting sensations and movements as indicators of alignment and connection with one’s inner being.

Spiritual Questions & Answers By Ajahn Brahm