“This Moment” By Igor Oro

Spoken Word Poetry: “This Moment”

This Moment Lyrics

Tell me something…when you dream of the future, what do you see? Is it an image of yourself, successful and proud, and everything you’d ever thought you’d be? Matter of fact, here’s a better question: when you wake up, does it seem like it could be a reality? Or is it just something you confine within the limits of your mind, because you’re scared you won’t find what you’re looking for; that time is your enemy, that the world out there really isn’t that friendly, and you don’t want to put it all on the line..only to come up empty. Listen, your full potential is a long way away, and you must have faith that this journey you’ve just started wont lead you astray.

Because i know that success can either define or destroy you, a seductive potion that invites you ever closer to the edge of desperation, a tight walk between your dreams, teetering between hope and hopelessness, push through the stress and the hardship because at the end of the road your prize will materialize, and only then will you realize just how much you’ve sacrificed… how much you’ve lost and how much you’ve found, all the smiles and all the frowns, all the ups and all the downs, all the cries and the goodbyes, all the lies and the trust that you’ve broken, all those words you wish you’d never spoken, all those nights you’ve stayed up hoping…they’ve all led you to this moment.

Look, its not gonna be easy. It’ll be hard and bloody. It’ll get tough and ugly. And right when you think you’ve had enough, hope will come around.. and pick you back up. Because you see life is like that. It pushes you over the edge only to pull you right back. It knocks the wind out of you and then expects you to fight back. Just know that, on this journey of enlightenment, you will be tested, you will get restless, you’re gonna want to sprint to the finish line but you cant, because this isn’t a race…nobody cares who the best is. Time is on your side, so walk slow, and tread lightly. Because somewhere on this road of self discovery you’ll have to pass over a pathway of glass, and if you move too fast you might just break it, and then everything you have done to this point will be wasted; broken shards of your reflection looking back at you as they fall through the pits of your soul, whispering words of disappoint as they drop down gently down below.

But at least now you know what’s at stake. And I pray that the decisions you make will lift you to where you want to be, because you have plenty to see, plenty to prove, plenty of decisions to make, and plenty of things you still have to do, but none of this can be possible if you don’t have a positive attitude. So set aside the things you’d rather do and do the things that’ll lift you to a higher altitude, if you don’t try you’ll never improve, the next move is yours to make, your fate is on the line so make it count this time, yeah these might be just be rhymes but I can see that I’m getting through to you; my words are my gift and my wish, but only you can make them come true. And that’s up to you.

Whatever the case i just want you to keep this in mind: don’t waste too much time trying to discover your full potential. After all, the whole process of finding yourself lies within the beauty of not knowing what you’re looking for; everything else is inconsequential. And in time you’ll find that positivity itself is exponential, because the more positive you are, the more likely it is that good things your way will come. And the better things get, the more positive you’ll become, and soon you’ll be flying so high that you’ll see through the illusion of gravity… that 1 plus 1 doesn’t have to equal to two, it can be whatever you want it to be… that you’ll make the breakthrough and discover that you and you alone are in charge of your own destiny…and “happy” doesn’t just have to be a word in the dictionary…and you have your friends and family to support you, we’re not programmed to be solitary, nothing is involuntary you make your own choices so just slow down…and take a breath. Take this heavy burden off your chest, and take a rest…sit back and contemplate the words of a wise man who once said: “Positivity first, then comes success.”


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