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Dreams grow if you grow. Zig Ziglar
"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." -Nelson Mandela
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"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
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A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything. Malcolm X
You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength. Marcus Aurelius
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Briana Cristofaro & Kristen Such On Joshua Tree Retreat

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Briana Cristofaro & Kristen Such: A Spiritual Journey at Joshua Tree Retreat

Sacred Transformation: Our Joshua Tree Retreat with Plant Medicine w/ Briana Cristofaro

In the vast expanse of the Mojave Desert, amidst the ancient rock formations and sacred landscapes of Joshua Tree, two kindred spirits embarked on a transformative odyssey—a journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual awakening. Briana Cristofaro and Kristen Such, seekers of truth and champions of the soul, found themselves drawn to the tranquil sanctuary of Joshua Tree Retreat Center, where amidst the serene beauty of nature, they uncovered the profound wisdom of the heart.

The Call of the Desert: A Pilgrimage to Joshua Tree Retreat Center

For Briana and Kristen, the journey to Joshua Tree was more than a mere physical excursion—it was a sacred pilgrimage, guided by the whisperings of the soul. Drawn by the mystic allure of the desert and the promise of spiritual renewal, they ventured forth into the heart of Joshua Tree Retreat Center—a sanctuary steeped in the rich tapestry of ancient wisdom and modern enlightenment.

Sacred Encounters: Navigating the Depths of the Soul

As they immersed themselves in the transformative energies of Joshua Tree, Briana and Kristen found themselves enveloped by a profound sense of peace and serenity—a prelude to the soul-stirring encounters that awaited them. Amidst the tranquil stillness of the desert, they forged deep connections with fellow seekers, sharing stories of triumph and tribulation, love and loss, and the eternal quest for meaning and purpose.

The Wisdom of the Desert: Insights from the Heart of Joshua Tree

In the hallowed embrace of Joshua Tree Retreat Center, Briana and Kristen encountered a wealth of spiritual teachings and ancient wisdom traditions—each offering a unique pathway to the inner sanctum of the soul. From the sacred rituals of meditation and yoga to the timeless wisdom of indigenous elders and modern mystics, they drank deeply from the wellspring of divine inspiration, awakening to the infinite possibilities that lay within.

Soul Sisters: Kindred Spirits on the Path

United by a shared vision of spiritual growth and personal transformation, Briana and Kristen forged a bond that transcended the limitations of time and space. As they walked hand in hand through the labyrinthine pathways of Joshua Tree, they discovered the true essence of sisterhood—a sacred union of hearts and minds, bound by the timeless rhythm of love and compassion.

The Journey Continues: Carrying the Light Forward

As their time at Joshua Tree Retreat Center drew to a close, Briana and Kristen emerged from the desert oasis with hearts ablaze and spirits renewed. Armed with the transformative insights and soul-stirring experiences they had gathered along the way, they set forth on a new chapter of their journey—a journey guided by the eternal flame of truth, the radiant light of love, and the boundless potential of the human spirit.

Conclusion: A Tapestry of Light and Love

Briana Cristofaro and Kristen Such’s journey at Joshua Tree Retreat Center stands as a testament to the transformative power of spiritual exploration and the profound beauty of the human soul. Through their shared experiences, they discovered the timeless wisdom of the desert, the sacred bonds of sisterhood, and the eternal truth that lies at the heart of all creation. As they continue to walk the path of enlightenment, may their journey inspire others to embrace the infinite possibilities that await within the depths of their own souls.

Video Transcript:

(00:00) hello Earth Angels welcome back to another episode of alignment Academy it’s your host Kristen and if you’re new here I’m so excited for us to embark on this journey together I know we’ll be spending a lot of time together from now until hopefully the end of the century and I am a mindset intuitive business guide and Angelic Channel I love blending the world of spirituality business mindset because the truth is it’s all the same thing business is actually just a spiritual journey it’s

(00:34) just here to help you ascend and when you can look at it in that lens no trigger nothing is ever bad because you know it’s actually just going to give you more of what you want when you get on the other side of it today we have a pretty juicy episode not going to lie if you’re new here this year has been my year of in-person events and I have two Retreats on the books I had just had my Joshua Tree Retreat literally 4 days ago I got back and I have another retreat in Costa Rica in May called Cosmic CEO if
(01:06) you actually do want to come to Costa Rica it is still open for application only Cosmic CEO is for Spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to fully step into their Soul’s purpose do the deep healing work and also connect with their soul family it is going to be fun Vibes feel like vacation but also like you’re with your soul sisters that you just reconnected with on Earth for the first time like it’s going to be literally so epic it’s in Coast Rica May 17th through 24th yeah we have some spots left so if you’re interested in
(01:35) applying for Cosmic CEO go ahead and send me a DM on Instagram or Tik Tok say Cosmic and I’ll give you more information along with the application and I hope to see you there but this particular podcast episode is all about Joshua Tree Joshua Tree was a [ __ ] portal truthfully you’re going to hear a lot of times in this episode I brought on my co-host and my best friend bana for for us to hopefully recap it in the best way that we could a lot of times we’re at a loss for words because truly the in-person experience it’s so potent
(02:09) and dynamic that sometimes you just can’t do it justice to describe it and there were a lot of times before I recorded this podcast where I was like should I even try to explain what happened to Joshua Tree because it felt so sacred it was like almost doing it a disservice if I even tried to explain it but I also think that this is going to activate a lot of people and open people’s Minds there were just a lot of moments that it felt like it was an initiation not only for The woman there but for me as well and I feel like I am
(02:37) not the same person who came back from Joshua Tree the portal that is Joshua Tree just honestly never disappoints every time I go to Joshua Tree I leave and I’m like I’m not the same I’m not the same so with that being said I’m really excited to kind of give you an inside conversation of me and Bri unpacking Joshua Tree unpacking the transformation that we went through because something that I shared with the women that were at The Retreat so much because I I did share what was going on like with me in the retreat which you’ll
(03:07) hear about like I was basically getting like upgraded spiritually while they were getting upgraded spiritually is that sometimes when we have impostor syndrome it’s easy to be like well I’m not good enough yet like to hold the space or to do this yet but how Source Consciousness Works how evolvement works on planet Earth is sometimes me helping you evolve is also helping me evolve you know what I mean so like your initiation is also my initiation and so sometimes we just have to walk through fear and do
(03:33) things before we’re ready which definitely was the case with this Joshua Tree Retreat I mean if you told me a year ago I was going to be hosting a plant medicine retreat in Joshua Tree I would have been like no I’m not that’s literally not me and the amount of trust surrender grief just the amount of deep inner work and healing that had to go into this year for me to come out the other side as this version Oh man it’s a lot but it also all makes sense now like everything that I’ve been through in the
(04:00) last year and actually since I was 17 years old on the spiritual path it’s all starting to click into place for me so I love this podcast because I really feel like you guys get to feel the behind the scenes and the authenticity on my journey and see that like I’m evolving right here with you guys I tell you guys to do inner child work I tell you guys to do Shadow work but the truth is that I’m doing it right beside you I’m never telling you guys to do something that I haven’t done myself I’m also like
(04:23) inviting you to do something that scares you do something that really [ __ ] scares you because I was so scared to host this Retreat there were a lot of moments where me and Bri were like I can we do this but on the other side of fear is everything that you could ever desire in this lifetime I’m telling you guys like Joe despenza I always talk about Joe despenza but Joe despenza says this thing where he’s like the unknown has never let me down and I always wanted to be like I want to feel that I want to
(04:50) feel that like I trust in the unknown so much and I feel like I’m finally getting there where I feel this full body like surrender into the unknown and being like it feels feels good here cuz I know that when I’m in the unknown everything turns out better than I could ever imagined with my human brain and that’s the thing about the unknown it’s the it’s the field of infinite potentials and if you really surrender to it you are going to find so much peace so much Clarity so much more of everything on
(05:17) the other side like truly on the other side of my deepest heartbreak the biggest black void of my life is like so much more purpose so much more love so much more money so much more fun so much more me it’s so much more of me and I could have never gotten here if I was holding on to my past version of myself still so I know someone needs to hear that trust in the unknown and the more that you trust the more it’s going to turn out beautifully and I just think that you know the trust that you have for yourself to make it through is going
(05:47) to mirror your trust in God that everything is going to work out okay I’m just going to leave it at that there’s so much more I want to share like the woman on this Retreat had so many Transformations even now now like that they’ve gotten home they’ve all been taking action and like having massive Quantum leaps so I want to have a few of them on just so we can unpack it but guys if you’re soul is calling you to do something scary like sign up for a program or start a business or go on a retreat [ __ ] do it like you’re doing
(06:16) your soul a disservice by not listening to it truly there’s so many people that don’t have the opportunity to have have opportunities like this and I always look at that like if I have the capacity to follow my purpose it’s my responsibility too because I look at like my grandmother for example she was just trying to survive she was just trying to feed her kids she couldn’t follow her Soul’s purpose she just needed to work in a restaurant but she gave me the opportunity to have choices and if you have the choice to follow
(06:42) your purpose if you have the means it is your responsibility you do need to do it you need to go all in because your mission is so important your mission is not only for you but all the people that you’re going to help with it and I know that if I didn’t follow mine you literally wouldn’t be listening to this podcast right now so I hope that’s giving you give you a little bit of an activation and a little fire under your ass that’s what I’m good for and I hope you enjoy this episode I love you guys
(07:07) and I’ll see you on the other side so Joshua Tree Joshua Tree about it girl I don’t even know where we start with like telling the story I guess we should start at the beginning yeah I think uh we should just start about the fact that we brought ourselves there yeah okay so it’s October I think it’s like October Maybe what’s before October September September and I am craving a little heroic dose and for those of you go ahead sorry it was for sure September when you said that because I remember I
(07:42) went to Morocco and then you’re like are you gonna be able to do this right after Morocco and I went to Morocco October 15th and that was planned on October 1st so we had planned Joshua tree before I left before we even booked Morocco so it was in September yeah so in September when it’s time to work with the mushrooms I feel like it’s just like this little inkling of a feeling it’s very like intuitive you’re just like I think I need a dose like I think I need to go in and I had been feeling that for
(08:09) a couple weeks and I knew that I wanted to guide myself through the mushroom journey and I want to explain why I want to do this because if you know about my past like my 2023 it was just a really a year of Building self worth but the way that mushroom trips work at least for me is that it mirrors life in lot of ways so like whatever you’re going to experience in that mushroom trip is essentially like what happens you’re going to take that same those same lessons those same things and you’re going to bring them out into your life
(08:39) and so I knew that if I could hold myself with nobody trip sitting me or not in a ceremony setting if I could hold myself through my own mushroom trip I was like it would just be like the biggest initiation and you know me I’m an Aries I want to be initiated so that’s why I actually asked you I was like okay the only person that would be crazy enough to like go in the middle of the desert alone and like do a mushroom trip with me is probably Briana and I remember being like I need to do it right before the beginning of the
(09:06) year so I feel [ __ ] amazing going into 2024 yeah I know you like okay so are you down to go to Joshua Tree to do a big dose like and I was like yeah so I guess a little backstory uh is my history is like I have done a lot of mushroom ceremonies most of them have been guided but the very first one I ever did was completely alone and so after doing the one completely alone again I don’t really recommend this um but it’s a major initiation for your soul if that’s like if that’s calling you yeah yeah if that’s your path like
(09:47) holy there’s life before a solo mushroom trip and life after a solo mushroom trip literally so she reaches out to me and she’s like I want to do it you want to do a heroic dose with me and I was like yeah that sounds pretty good like I hadn’t been like super itching but it felt good to like do it before the new year start refreshed start cleansed and like all the things and then I ended up going on a whole additional journey in the middle of the Sahara Desert that was a crazy also initiation two weeks before
(10:22) to Morocco um and Madrid and that was a crazy initiation in itself for me and so when we when I got back at first I was like I don’t know if I need a full mushroom trip I was like that was a lot maybe I maybe I don’t need to go all the way in and then like literally like the the five days leading up to the mushroom trip I’m like oh my God I need to go in like 1 million per I know exactly like not exactly but I know what I need to do like we need to go in so and we went yeah and I was actually really like the
(10:52) reason Brie said that in the beginning or that like I like asked in the beginning cuz like I was like God I need this so bad and if Bri won’t come with me like I don’t know if it’s going to happen you know like the circumstances just weren’t perfect for it to happen and with mushrooms you have to trust like if you are planning something this has happened to me before and then it doesn’t follow through or like it doesn’t happen it’s for a reason right so I was just like oh like I hope she’s
(11:14) going to be ready when she gets back from Morocco I hope she’s still going to be down because I mean after a retreat you know you’re pretty tired but you were down we booked the Airbnb and we went to Joshua Tree and we were off and you know me I’m literally always down like you are always down Bri is like always down for a trip like if I want to go on vacation if I want to go on a trip if I want to go on a retreat like I call Bri because she’s always down yeah there’s always medicine in the
(11:41) movement when you just go experience new things and new cultures explore your mind and new people new things it’s like that’s your life purpose isn’t it no well you’re a sagge or Gemini and sagge right sag Rising well both of our Jupiters are in Sagittarius Kristen so for astrology people that don’t know or whatever your Jupiter sign is where you will attract wealth abundance just like expansion and Sagittarius is the archetype of like the teacher the Explorer um higher wisdom and like traveling to other countries and you
(12:14) know Buddha or like you know Budd just like philosophy and and higher wisdom so the Seeker when we attract our most abundance Kristen and me is when we embody going and experience ing new things and going and searching for meaning and truth so the travel is literally our life purpose and it’s going to make bring us more abundance and didn’t it doesn’t it it did does it did something about me guys the reason I love having Brianna as a best friend is because she memorizes my entire chart and she tells me anything I want to know
(12:49) about myself so just attract to bana and your golden pretty rare honestly it’s pretty rare so I don’t know how you’re going to do that but good luck anyway and if you find her let me know cuz I would love another me it would be crazy I know I know sorry I can’t do that we go to Joshua Tree love you it’s okay we go to Joshua Tree and we have the most profound experience do we want to get into it or like I think it’s just important to like it felt like someone had planned the weekend for us but like we were doing it
(13:21) as we went like everything we did was so [ __ ] sacred like I honestly don’t even know how we created that experience for ourselves like after having the experience that we had the second one in Josh retree our Retreat like the first experience was so special because we went shopping at the grocery store together and then we got to the house we would we saged the whole house we light languaged the whole house we you know just like everything we pulled a card for the weekend this is really important for a later in story but every part of
(13:50) the Joshua Tree trip our s solo Joshua Tree trip it was probably hands down I don’t say this lightly like it was one of the best weekends of my life it felt like it was perfect like everything felt perfect down to the food we made to having our animals there to the synchronicities that would happen like watching shooting stars in the middle of the night like on The Hammocks like everything was literally perfect the cold plunging in the morning sitting in the sun and doing Joe despenza meditations like we just created
(14:25) basically a weekend that our favorite weekend that we could ever think of we had no idea like we were just kind of going by with okay what do we feel like doing like let’s feel it out and everything was like ceremonial it was like it felt like everything was a ceremony but we were also just like floating like if you know me and Kristen I don’t know but we’re like two of the same people like we like to do exactly the same thing as each other but not so like my perfect day looks basically the same thing as Kristen’s perfect day so
(14:53) we just do what we want to do together and it’s the coolest thing in the world so as we were going through this whole weekend in Joshua a tree we were just our higher selves were like guiding the way we’re like do you want to do this or this this you want to do this or this and we would just have the most perfect sacred fun like whether we’re working out we’re going the cold plunge or we’re going in the Jacuzzi or we’re doing meditations like it was just so perfect we’re like reading cards we’re
(15:17) journaling we’re like tapping in we cook together which is and neither of us cook like alone we only cook together I know we finished out this weekend like the ceremony of the whole weekend in Joshua Tree and Kristen looks at me and she’s like bri I think that we just did this so we can take women through this experience and it was like a channeled [ __ ] message like guys if you know me I am not passionate about a lot of things like I’m passionate the things I’m passionate about like I’m very
(15:49) passionate about but other things I just like I could go either way I’m just like yeah like whatever and I would have never thought in a million years like I would be hosting a plant medicine experience in Josh tree like there was literally zero part of me that even had the desire before that trip like zero part of me that even had that desire so it was very weird when I said that yeah and so when Kristen said that I like looked over and all these little light bulbs of magical things started to come up into my body and I’m like oh my God
(16:17) yes because although Kristen had no plans and no desire to do this this has been something I’ve wanted to do for literally four or five years like I’ve known since like 2019 that like I want to bring people through Journeys like this and really facilitate the transformation just like I’ve known that but personally I haven’t had the right the right sauce of the experience just hadn’t dropped in yet and so when Kristen said this to me it was like [ __ ] Christmas okay I was like Santa came early Christmas is in two months
(16:53) but this is as good as it’s ever going to get so thanks Chris cringle oh my gosh Chris scle Kristen okay yeah it was honestly really surprising to me and honestly guys when you’re like tapped into your Spirit guides and source and after this mushroom ceremony I mean the experience I have with mushrooms is I go this is going to sound weird I go straight to Source I can hear Source when I’m in it it’s really honestly scary to say that when I’m completely sober but it that’s what happens to me
(17:21) and so when you finish a mushroom trip you’re still super tapped in for like a week after I mean you know hopefully longer but you’re really like on that high of life and it was like this feeling that I couldn’t exactly deny it was this feeling that honestly I was like scared shitless and I was like I don’t know I just I don’t think that this experience was for us like literally when I left Joshua Tree I heard in my head this wasn’t for you it was for you and it wasn’t for you you
(17:49) know what I mean like it was it just it was so much deeper than I feel I knew it was going to be we get home and I kind of I personally tried to push it down because I was like I’m too busy we’re we’re going to Costa Rica we don’t even have like like when you know what I mean it just there’s all these things that your ego wants to tell you it can’t happen it’s too soon when would you do it who are you to do that there’s people that are way more qualified personally that’s what I was going through because
(18:17) you know I have I I just I felt a little bit imposter syndrome I haven’t you know hosted something like this ever I get home and I try to quiet it but things just wouldn’t go away they just wouldn’t be quiet and like I remember I don’t even think I ever told you this but like I would get like an email from Airbnb that was like you know we just stayed in in Joshua Tree like look at these homes in Joshua Tree and I would just get all of these little signs and I’m like why isn’t this like quieting down and so I
(18:43) remember probably like a week after we got back I reached out to you again and I was like hey we need to either do it or not are you down I remember I was sitting at my desk it was late at night and I was like I’m just going to make a story like I’m just going to make a story and see what [ __ ] happens and at this point we had no no house booked we had nothing planned we basically just knew that we wanted to do an experience like we had but that was it we had the main things that we wanted to do stargazing cold plunging mushroom
(19:09) ceremony meditation meditation connection Vibes on my end I was like okay Bri well I’m just going to go ahead and take the reins with this this is my Aries like when I’m my Aries is aring sometimes I’ll just say sorry Bri my Aries is aring like I have to do things right [ __ ] then or I won’t do them I have to just take action so I create a story it’s literally like on the create mod on Instagram it’s the black screen and I just said Joshua Tre Retreat this is what you can expect this is the vibe
(19:35) DM me if you wanted and I got so many responses and I was not expecting it and at this point I’m like oh wait Bri a lot of people want this I guess we are doing it it was like the most insane amount of Interest we were like okay if this isn’t a sign that we’re meant to be doing this I don’t know what is oh and then we posted a real that went just like absolutely [ __ ] viral viral we were like oh my God we don’t even have like enough spots like there are so many people that want to come on
(20:09) this Retreat like we are we’re actually going to do this and then a few times like it was one of yeah yeah we like okay wait what are we doing are we able to do this can we can we do this like I personally have held space at ceremonies like this before but not been like the most experienced one there one of us a different times would get in our heads a little bit and we were just like no like we’re meant to be doing this I mean that’s that’s what I I’m like Christen we’re doing this this is why we’re doing
(20:36) this we can’t have asset we can’t just like [ __ ] out but like we have to like we have to do this because it’s deep in our souls there’s no part of this is like ego the ego is telling us not to the ego is scared as [ __ ] when what’s going on inside of you is so like against what your ego wants that’s like doubled time when you’re supposed to to listen that’s when it’s like the algorithm of source Consciousness is like let’s see if she’s really ready let’s see if she’s really
(21:06) ready to expand into the version of herself that she knows she is but maybe she’s been a little scared I gave her this little window of opportunity and let’s see let’s see if she’s GNA she’s going to make it she’s going to do it if not it’s okay we’ll just bring her back down and she’ll get an opportunity again and it’s just time right but we were like no we we are doing this yeah it it was really good to have each other through that process cuz I think one of us was always just like oh my God this
(21:31) is a lot and it was a lot it it honestly was like it was a lot of calls with the girls we had to have the right the right group there which meant really sorting and sifting and making sure that everyone that was coming on the experience was ready then we went to the enrollment phase and there were a lot of moments when again doubt was arising for us like behind the scenes guys even even with you know big audiences and and business is there’s times where things are seemingly quote unquote not working out when it looks like it’s not working
(22:06) and so we would have like three girls in and then like one person would drop out and then we would you know fill up to five again and then like one person would drop out like there was just weird synchron not synchronicities but actually also synchronicities that were happening with the enrollment where it was just like priming the right group to be there we finally filled the retreat and I remember right before we filled the last spot I was having like kind of a hard day I was just like why is this taking so long are we supposed to be
(22:32) doing this the good thing about me and Bri is we have actually like opposite trauma responses I’m anxious which makes me like a little bit of a people pleaser when conflict arises I would say Bri is more avoidant and she’s more of like a fighter when conflict arises so we have like the exact opposite trauma response which is really good when we’re working together sometimes in business what will happen is your attachment style will actually start running the show and so I like to think of attachment Styles as as
(23:00) what you think when there’s a little bit of ambiguity right so when there’s a little bit of ambiguity who’s going to come on the retreat I’m anxious I’m like oh my God it’s not working out they don’t like me like I’m doing everything wrong and Bri has more of like a grounded approach she’s like that’s not true I’m it just it just hasn’t worked out yet so right before this call where we’re filling the last spot me and bana are having a conversation and I’m having
(23:23) a little bit of my like anxious attachment style to my business coming out I’m like it’s not working what the heck like why haven’t we found the right people and Bri is like Kristen this is a very unique experience we need to wait for the right person to drop in and the right person has not dropped in so you need to trust stop freaking out let’s just wait for the right person so basically that was kind of like the conversation we had right before and then we get on a call and it it’s supposed to have three or four
(23:53) people on it I think four and only one person shows up which to honestly like that doesn’t really happened to me too often in my normal coaching business like people don’t book calls and not come so I just thought that was really weird and then we get on the phone with one of our Retreat attendees matteline you can talk now yeah and it was so funny in a way because we got on the call with meline and like but she was like Fu only only one person’s here you know and I’m like it’s okay it’s all
(24:20) good we’re it’s all good it’s always all good and when it’s not good it’s cuz you don’t know why yet you know and so we get on this call and normally the structure of the calls is like a few minutes for this person a couple minutes for this person so it’s like it’s like clockwork you know heart- centered but it’s a structure what the beautiful thing was that we got to do with just having one girl on the call we just had meline one she was like so aligned immediately I’m like okay yeah for sure
(24:48) we just talked to her we we like went through a bunch of things and then we were just chatting for like at least the whole time if not like it literally went over so when normally people would just be four times less of that amount amount of time they would get to talk we shared and and had back and forth for literally over half an hour that’s when we were like okay I feel like that’s our girl like that is why we’ve had to do all these calls that is why a couple of girls had to weird things started to
(25:12) come up and then they couldn’t make it it’s like literally that that one Soul would not have been here and contributed her unique magical frequency to the group had the other people stayed in and like of course that would have been magical if they all had stayed in themselves as well that’s that’s what that would have been right but every single person this is kind of a side note but I just wanted to share it every single person when it comes to retreat space brings their own unique energy and
(25:39) you could have people that are very similar very different different walks of life but everyone brings their own magic to the space and like that’s what I love so much about Retreats is because you kind of start to see how everything is just a symphony I’ve been using that term lately is like it’s it’s a symphony of like Dynamics and where and sharing vulnerabilities and then beinging bringing somebody up because you’ve been where they were and vice versa and without that exact blend of energies The
(26:11) Experience would be completely different yeah like it would not be what it needed to be and I think that is so cool go ahead no they’re so perfect and I even remember I mean this is like also just a side note about our Retreat when we were like doing the rooms we were like are these two people going to get along and like you know is this going to are they going to Vibe or is this going to be a good fit and sometimes like it’s not really in our hands like they’re they just sign up for the rooms that they
(26:37) sign up for and like that’s that’s kind of that but then afterward now that we’ve gone through the retreat and looking back at all like even just the room assignments it’s like it was so Divine and our egos get in the way and they’re like is it perfect could I make it more perfect if I tried to control all these circumstances but like no Source knows what it’s doing when humans can’t trust because their ego is so used to controlling all aspects to go the way that they think that they should go it
(27:07) just stops all the magic and when we can let go and let like honestly I hate this quote but like let go and let God what you’ll see is that the unknown is always so much better than anything that you could have predicted with your egoic mind and I think that we really got to experience that like the true magic of that on our Retreat just now mhm we really did and something that came up when you said that was like getting out of your own way is the best thing that you can do when it comes to matters of the Soul just get out of your
(27:40) own way Source knows like literally it is perfectly put together if you just please step aside darling like please allow source to flow through you instead of blocking it like what’s what’s that about it’s okay and it’s funny too like you’ll you may have periods where you’re like I don’t know like uh your ego kind of wants to get in the way and like that’s okay that’s part of being human that literally like that’s okay all right and then when are you going to let it go when are you going to get out of
(28:10) the way what’s most important is like if you get into the space where you are in your own way of it because like okay let’s be honest sometimes we are humans it’s normal for that to happen sometimes especially when you’re not used to doing that like give yourself Grace and then decide it’s just a decision that this isn’t about me and I’m just going to let go and let God right yeah and it will unfold even more amazing and even more magically than like you could have even dreamt up and it’s also crazy because
(28:38) like I feel like our higher selves perfectly planned this whole thing like we were I was like not even conscious like or Lucid doing this like we were like damn we did a good job like who did that you know literally who because it wasn’t me no but it was literally because we let go and let God and allowed Source Consciousness to use us as conduits as vessels with our own unique personalities right Kristen is still type A and I am still not wearing an Apple Watch okay I would like B+ like I’m Type B+ now no I know yeah no yeah
(29:15) you are but I also don’t even like to call myself type B because that just doesn’t feel Superior like it just feels she’s like I’m a queen I’m not typ be I don’t I don’t I don’t fit in any of the classes I don’t subscribe to that that type of vibe so I’m sorry I didn’t mean to call you that I was just it’s fine I mean I I like I’ve done my shadow work so I’m not triggered I’m kidding I’m not triggered you know I’m not triggered I’m literally not triggered like let’s talk
(29:40) later kidding yeah um text me on the side yeah little no I’m I’m actually not triggered because I know I know I’m a Virgo Moon I mean like I I like structure everyone knows that I like structure if you’ve literally coached with me in any capacity you know I like structure and it’s honestly my gift and sometimes it can be get in the way a little bit but I’ve gotten a lot better and I’m like so proud of how far I’ve come like in just one year so no yeah you have come really far no and I
(30:04) actually love that about you because it’s like well I guess whatever well girl somebody needs to have structure in this little friend container say someone’s got to do it you know I’m like learning not gonna be Bri and it’s not gonna be me but you know what I have been really appreciating my schedule lately it’s been more structured but it’s been so useful yeah girl I know what a concept okay I know all right all right so we finding like balance between well okay but hear me out the thing is I love to
(30:35) be so present that it’s like if it takes longer who [ __ ] cares we need to be we need to make sure we’re in it and not checking the clock but like I also understand why it’s important to look at the clock as long as you have a good amount of wiggle room do you know what I’m saying you just need some wiggle room because that’s the thing I don’t like the rigidity I think the structure is nice because it actually helps you be more free but the moment moment it gets into rigidity I’m just like absolutely
(31:00) not no no no structure with flow that’s what we’re aiming for structure with flow exactly and I think that’s why it works for us because it’s like I tend to to swing to the pendulum of like way too much flow and your natural instinct would be to be a little bit more on the rig side so we might trigger each other a little bit but like it brings us into balance because I bring in I bring more flow to the structure and then you bring in the structure and like it creates this lovely container a that’s cute yeah
(31:28) no it honestly is like a match made in in in Source Heaven because it’s like truly even on the retreat it would be like you know Bri would just be like let’s just flow and I’m like bri it’s like 1 p.m we haven’t eaten yet like like breakfast and so like we should eat breakfast because people don’t get fed unless we feed them okay probably okay I’m down all right you’re like okay fine fine like okay we’ll talk about it later but like like they need to eat it’s one having a great time they are they
(32:03) hungry you should ask them and I’m like yeah three people came up to me and told me that they were hungry and you’re like when I’m like literally three minutes ago where were we bringing people together everything letting go and letting God everything is so perfect all of the time and when it doesn’t feel like it’s perfect it’s cuz you don’t know why yet you don’t get it yet and like that’s in the moments that you grow when you don’t know that it’s perfect or not is when you can be like you know
(32:33) what this the trust sucks like a bag of chips if there was a bag of chips with like water in it you know be gross soggy not it but I have no idea I’ve have nowhere to go with this analogy but you put those chips out in the sun and they dry up all of a sudden it tastes better than before I don’t know wasn’t your best work but it was still good still a good one usually they’re way better than that yeah it’s okay so I might have to redeem myself Source please give me something good okay yeah but it was it was perfect and
(33:05) so okay let’s like get to the retreat now I am quickly interrupting this episode to remind you guys that if you’re a listener which clearly you are I have created a free meditation for all of you this meditation was built out of my rock bottom when I needed to trust the universe and release a lot of anxiety I was feeling and I didn’t know how so I learned how to trust the universe and I’m going to teach you how in this meditation it’s really practicing this feeling of being held and supported and remembering that you
(33:36) actually are held and supported by the universe in every single moment all you have to do to get this meditation is to rate and review the podcast on whatever platform you’re listening on and then go ahead and head over to my podcast Instagram @ alignment Academy podcast give it a follow and then message me on there with a screenshot of your rating or review whatever platform you’re listening on and I will send you the meditation okay now back to the episode now we’re on the retreat with the you
(34:05) know it’s not that far away so like these girls signed up in like December and we’re like it’s in February first week you know so it’s literally like a month and a half away so go you if you signed up for that cuz like that was quick turn around but everyone came and basically we didn’t even like consciously do this but we basically ran them through the exact weekend that we had there were some parts that were like we were like oh like this is the same but I think that even as we got there we
(34:35) were like wait we should do this and we should do that and then it all had like almost just been very similar to our experience MH I don’t even know like where to start with the whole experience because you probably saw us post about it online but it was truly the most magical weekend one of the most magical weekends of my entire life like it was for me personally as a facilitator it was a a different kind of ceremony for my soul it wasn’t like I was doing a heroic dose of mushrooms in a lot of ways it was even deeper because I’m
(35:06) completely lucid and this is like just life like like life it’s not a mushroom trip like it’s it is a mushroom trip but it’s like I’m not in a mushroom trip but I am in I don’t know I don’t even know how to describe it it was I don’t even know where where to start to how to describe it how do you describe something that’s Indescribable I don’t know I want to just share I think it would be cool to share with you guys you know a little bit about what it was like for us as facility s MH hosting the
(35:29) mushroom experience and I think something that we can cover Bri is like personally the all the experiences I had had with mushrooms prior to that were the most perfect experiences for me to be able to hold anything and I’m just going to preface this with I do think that now looking back at my own experien with mushrooms they’ve been a little rougher than I think the typical experiences it just the range of things that I’ve ex that I’ve seen and and that happen in my trips just feels like it’s
(35:57) a wide range I don’t know from your point of view what do you think Bri yeah no girl I feel like you’ve experienced so many different um really like extreme experiences I would say I think a lot of of it too is because like you’ve done so much inner child work sorry I just want to say this really quick yeah you’ve done so much inner child work prior to doing psychedelics psychedelics and so instead of doing a lot of inner child healing you went straight to like the kind of crazy stuff that is like straight to Source healing
(36:32) really deep wounds but like maybe not like all childhood stuff it wasn’t like one thing after the next after the next it was like extreme swinging experience over here extreme experience blasting off straight into God you know thinking that you’re stuck or like you know really wild and things that that like are really good to go through because if you can hold that energy then you can kind of like get through anything and you know that like if you’re hosting this and something like that happens to
(36:59) somebody else you’re like girly I got you I went through that like literally went through it so trust that like we can bring you back home so yes back to you no no no I think that’s perfect way to describe it I think I’ve been in the lowest of the lows with like dealing with trauma because I did a mushroom experience through my breakup and then I’ve also like been fine and like literally get blasted straight to God and I don’t know how to say it other than I get blasted straight to God as
(37:21) soon as I go in guys I was like sitting around with a whole bunch of people who have done mushrooms and I’m like so do have you guys ever been in like the computer that’s like Source Consciousness and everyone’s like Kristen what and I’m like wait not everyone has long story short I feel like Source has given me a very unique path to this stuff and I’ve seen it all in the way that I think I could actually holds literally anyone through a mushroom experience because I’ve had so many unique experiences not to say that
(37:48) there’s so many different more things that I will need to experience in the future but I think I’ve had a wide array as of as you have since you’ve been doing this since you were like 17 years old or 20 or whatever just to wrap this piece up is like having really amazing experiences is great and we love that um I’ve had a lot of just really beautiful experiences and like the path of like the Healer the Mystic the insert like healer type of archetype is they go through it and they have to have the
(38:25) really hard times mhm to get through the good ones and like maybe this is for somebody listening to this maybe like you’re going through just something in general in your life right now that’s like hard and you’re like why the [ __ ] is this happening this is so like not it maybe you’re supposed to support other people when you get onto the other side with this unique thing and maybe in a year from now it’ll really make sense and you’ll be like oh my God this person came to me and I am so uniquely like
(38:53) developed to help them mhm and I know I got them but until then you’re going to have to just suspend the disbelief that it ain’t working exactly and let go and let God into the mushroom trip into the mushroom trip no I I agree I think that there’s probably a lot of people that are listening that are actually going through a really hard time and I use this analogy in um one of my group programs I’m like if you feel like you’re just in the pressure cooker where it’s like one thing after the other
(39:18) after the other after the other a lot of times what source is trying to do is to trying to really um refine your vibration to hold more so that that actually able to hold other people through it and that’s what the experience of my life has been for the last year I mean last year I went through actually every Rock Bottom that you could have gone through other than death like I lost friends family relationship my house I I didn’t have anywhere to like everything and now guess what all my clients are they’re
(39:46) going through breakups they’re going through Rock bottoms they’re you know going through crazy [ __ ] and I’m just like girl I got you I literally can [ __ ] relate like at the deepest level and I know how to get you through this so you know get in the car let’s go so just side note I feel like that was really important to share that whatever you’re going through your pain for healers really does turn into your purpose and your greatest gift so we go into the mushroom trip and Bri is like
(40:09) Kristen we’re just going to know what to do and I’m like okay like whatever the [ __ ] that means and she’s just like it’s just going to be a beautiful Symphony it’s going to be a dance between us she’s like people might be crying people might be this and I’m like yeah like I I know I’ve you know I can imagine because sometimes in my own trips like I’m crying and then I’m laughing and then I’m screaming and then like you know you just never know what’s going to happen
(40:31) so she’s like it’s going to be a symphony like just trust and I’m like okay I’m like feeling pretty good about it because I’m not like overthinking it I’m like whatever happens like I can talk someone through it I’m really good at talking you know so I’m like I can talk to someone through it I love that you’re just down like it literally our Dynamics are so perfect because I’m like I trust I just feel like I need that support and then like with me trusting you can be the support and then it’s
(40:53) like we both support trust anyways so so then we get into the mushroom ceremony um the plant medicine ceremony and it was exactly that it was a beautiful Symphony and I’m kind of like in my I’m not even gonna say it say it just in my era of my Moroccan you know Medicine Woman Intergalactic support sister channeling from different Realms we’re in this ceremony and it’s just flowing nicely um so far and all of a sudden so I’m kind of like going between girls and we’ll leave some magic obviously like you no
(41:35) words will ever be able to explain what we experienced and and what happened so we’re just going to do our best but I’m walking around looking over um supporting people and Kristen’s like right in the front where the altar is and on the alar I don’t know why I felt called to sit there I’m like okay Kristen we love this for you so she’s sitting there and I look over and she’s doing all all of these things with her hands for those of you that don’t know well should listen to my podcast on
(42:02) light language so I’m seeing she’s doing these things with light called light language with her hands light codes and you start go let’s just back up a hot second guys so my light language which I do not talk about a lot opened up probably like seven or eight months ago what do you think Bri like eight months ago maybe probably wasn’t it like we were in OC yeah we were in OC so June yeah seven months ago seven months ago so like my light language has opened up a long time ago and I use light language
(42:33) on myself I use light language on my very close clients but the way that I work as a teacher is I don’t really share things that I haven’t mastered yet and so for me it didn’t feel completely authentic to start sharing my light language because I was like I just want to use this for me I want to master it I had been using it a lot like I used it to like heal from my breakup I use it to channel I use it to like clear my house like light language is basically um Quantum technology it’s the sacred
(43:01) sacred geometry of sound and sacred geometry of language which if you guys are not familiar with the quantum field the entire universe is Created from sacred geometry so when you speak light language you’re actually manipulating the sacred geometry to reinstall the Divine blueprint of source Consciousness that’s what light Lang Wich is anyway again I am not like my Identity On line is not currently light language girly like I know that that’s the direction my soul is going but like I haven’t really fully been comfortable
(43:35) stepping into my light language identity yet and I think this is the beautiful thing about even me teaching so much identity work is when you teach something Source makes you master it and my business has been a constant death and rebirth where like I think I know who I am I think I know what I’m teaching and then it’s like nope you actually need to take this to another level you actually need to be seen even more you actually need to be seen anymore so behind the scenes I knew this was coming truthfully I didn’t know it
(44:01) was going to be this soon I thought it was going to be in a couple years I would have to maybe share all all of this but you know this podcast is a great start I guess what was happening to me is I’m sitting on the Altar and you guys know I love Joe despenza I started having like a lot of I don’t know like Kundalini type energetic Awakenings through Joe despenza like I actually had my first one years ago like I remember doing a Jo spenza meditation in my mom’s house and like my my body is like crazy crazy swinging so I know what
(44:29) source Consciousness like feels like in my body we get into the ceremony and me and Bri only took a very small dose like very very small for those of you guys that are familiar with dosage it’s like just a little bit more than a micro dose so. five and I’m just sitting there and I’m just like starting to meditate with everyone to the music and I’m starting to swing but I’m like starting to like really swing like I can feel I feel like I’m like deep in a Joe dispense of meditation but I’m not and all of a
(44:55) sudden I feel this Rush of energy come through me and then start going into my right arm and I I used to do light language with my hands a lot recently like before the this whole thing happened it was mostly my words my light language just was flowing from my hand and I literally could not stop it if I if I tried it was like this Divine energy I don’t even know how to describe it to someone who hasn’t experienced it it was so powerful that like you couldn’t even stop if you tried but yes but it feels like literal love so you
(45:33) know that it is from the light it reminded me of the time when my light language Channel opened up for the first time and it was actually the very first mushroom ceremony that I was co- facilitating my light language the same thing but it was spoken word and my hands were doing some things different stuff than Kristen’s but so Kristen looks over at me and she’s like I can’t stop I’m like what the [ __ ] is going on bri and I’m like it’s your graduation welcome she’s like oh my gosh
(46:01) like I literally can’t stop this is amazing this is crazy and I’m like loving this for Kristen like get it it goes is like very Quantum too like it wasn’t just like beautiful little like an like okay so there’s different frequencies of light language there’s like there’s Angelic light language there’s leeran light language there’s aruan like language I mean we don’t have to get into all the types of light language but basically this was like high [ __ ] Tech light language it was
(46:26) very fast it was very quick I couldn’t make it up if I tried that’s what I’m trying to say yeah and if you want more info I say it again but like there’s I have a whole episode on my podcast yeah go listen to it OMG light language 101 so a lot of your questions will just be answered if you listen to that so we don’t have to like dive all the way in but Kristen you did that for two and a half hours I didn’t know how long it was because it was I two hours Surly when you said that I was like I didn’t do it
(46:51) for 2 hours but then I was like wait that was 2 hours because when I was doing it I had zero thoughts it was literally like I was just it was probably the most present I’ve ever been in my entire life I’m not kidding like I had no thoughts I had not one thought about my life I had not one thought about anything other outside of the ceremony I was like purely present for 2 hours and it made it go so quick basically what source was telling me in in the trip was I was basically recoding the entire room to create like a
(47:18) beautiful container of light I was like creating a grid of source Consciousness in the room the reason I know that this is what was happening is because of how gentle the medicine was for everyone truly halfway through the trip I was like bri is something wrong because girlies I have never had a trip that looked like [Laughter] that you’re always losing it yeah I’m always losing it I had an initiation this is actually what I want to recap this is how I want to end my personal recap on it the thing that you’re scared
(47:47) to do this is going to become a teaching moment for anyone listening the thing that you’re scared to do the thing that you’re scared to facilitate the impostor syndrome that you’re feeling when you do that the initiation you’re going to give others is also going to initiate you mhm so sometimes we think I’m not capable of doing this but you become capable by just doing it my path is so clear now but it would have never been clear if I waited for the clarity to come I had to just do the experience and see how
(48:13) capable I was and see the magic that came out of it to have the amount of clarity I have now so I’m going to just end my recap with some crazy [ __ ] happened I don’t ever know if I’ll be able to fully describe it if you weren’t there but my channel opened up in a new way that is honestly like I’m going to be completely Frank like a little scary for me like now I’m under mentorship with my own mentors to like help me understand and how to use this better but if you see my content changing a
(48:40) little bit if you see the direction that I’m going changing it’s because this experience changed me on a cellular level and now I’m very more in touch with like what I’m here to do and things are shifting for me yeah so cool I’m so excited for you Kristen because it’s like like you know once you get like through the initiation of like I’m literally channeling not English totally hieroglyphics um like for the entire world everyone I’ve ever met everyone I will never meet and this is part of my
(49:13) Divine work on the world once you swallow that pill and it’s okay it takes a little it’s like a horse pill so it takes a minute to swallow but going to take a minute I feel like once you get through that like I don’t know you’re just going to know and it’s going to even more like you’re just going to be even more crazy amazing at what you do which is like almost impossible like it’s like so crazy Kristen you’re so powerful and like just this new era I know you’ve been kind of like Kicking
(49:35) and Screaming a little bit like just like but quietly to to not expand into like what you know like is the real Next Level and so this kind of like forced you and it gets to be your way it gets to be the most Christen ever as you expand into like because because you know what that is you know I’m all about like authenticity it’s like literally you’re just expanding into like the most chrisen like this isn’t like not christen this is the most and so it’s like again anyone we’ve never met her
(50:02) before so we haven’t matter it feels scary exactly like when you’re embodying a new version of yourself that you’ve never been before like give yourself Grace because like although it is you you have never been this version of you so like you don’t know how she walks how she talks how she acts how she thinks like you’re like like feel like you’re like a little Bambi like stumbling around trying to figure it out and like allow the space and the time to calibrate to like your new reality and
(50:27) like the more grace you can give yourself while you’re in the middle the better because then you just have like a real embodied experience and you didn’t like waste your energy and your imagination on like stress or worry or thinking you should be a different way or whatever so back to um the ceremony once Kristen her arms super tired I think we ended up doing a little switch skis little doino all of a sudden whatever started going through her arm my arm starts going and is starting to do the same thing and literally in that moment I
(51:01) could not stop laughing because I realized just how strong and powerful this energy was like I like again I literally could not stop if I tried and I’m just like looking over at Kristen like this is what you were [ __ ] doing the last two hours I can’t believe this like I don’t even know if we’ve ever talked about this but I was just like nonstop couldn’t stop and like oh my gosh this is so funny that I can’t believe Kristen experienced this just now like her mind is going to be blown
(51:26) like my mind is blown right now and for Kristen to anyways it was just something else and so then they were kind of explaining to me like recoding the room to be lighter and it’s like we were like recoding it to be like in a different dimensional space than it needed to be because like Earth is so dense and there’s just so much there and like they were showing me that like we could recode the room so that it’s like existing in like a different Quantum field and I don’t know if I’m losing
(51:54) people there but like it’s like when you’re existing at a higher frequency already the quantum field is a different Quantum field because there are not as many darker potentials if you will like on Earth the quantum field has all of the darker options as available realities that you could tap into but if you’re tapping into a Quantum field that doesn’t have that as an option like the whole experience is going to be lighter but you’re still going to get what you need so it was like pretty insane sorry
(52:19) if we lost you guys I mean just take what you need basically if there’s questions reach out to us like we will do a followup I mean I’m down because what I realized from this ceremony I’ll recap I’ll just finish up mine was yeah what I personally realized from this ceremony and this retreat was like honestly this is like why I’m [ __ ] here yeah you’re I feel like I’ve known that and I’ve been like taking all the steps all the light language stuff all of the mentorship all of the quantum
(52:49) types of healings all of the initiations around the world that I’ve undergone whether it’s in Morocco or Costa Rica or Costa Rica again or you know all over the place doing different kinds of initiations all led me personally to that point I knew that like I had done this so many times so many times in other lifetimes in other dimensions and other spaces and we were just picking up right where we left off and like that goes not just for me but like for both of us even together oh we we’ve done that I literally have chills right now
(53:17) like on my arm because like we’ve done that together like so many times in different lifetimes the amount of ease that Retreat felt for me like I I didn’t feel like the actual facilitation for me was personally stretching me and any it felt like I had done that a million times before I felt like the most natural thing in the world actually personally I’m excited to do another Retreat I know girl I know so come to Costa Rica whoever is listening we are hosting another retreat in Costa Rica May 17th through 24th for Cosmic
(53:47) entrepreneurs who are ready to blast their light into the world show up confidently heal and meet their Soul Fam just DM one of us Costa or Cosmic and we’ll give you the information it’s application or invite only so this is going to be you know very tapped in entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their light yeah it was just really clear that like that entire experience from the time that we went to Joshua Tree to the to to the end of Joshua Tree it was just too Divine to be from us and that’s actually how you know when you’re
(54:17) tapped into flow of source energy that’s how you know you are actually creating from the field of the quantum field and I was telling Bri this the other day we were just our texts are so [ __ ] insane but like I was just like hey so I’m realizing that the way that you know that things are coming from Source or like the Quant field is because they feel random right like they feel like they just dropped in from nowhere versus like if something is super predictable then it’s just like you created it for
(54:42) matter to matter which is not wrong you can create anything for matter to matter but it just takes longer right so I always do the things that feel super [ __ ] random like if you get invited to a random Retreat or Joshua treat kind of felt random like when things feel freaking random it’s because it’s dropping in from something bigger because you cannot predict the magic that Source has from you so the whole thing just experience even felt just out of this world amazing but it was an initiation for both of us and I know
(55:12) that our entire paths as long as well as the girls paths are completely altered like the timeline we’re on is it can never be the same timeline that from before Joshua Tree I know and like all the girls like seeing them having all these synchronicities seeing them making all their new Instagrams and showing up like so authentically and so in their power and so in their light and just like stepping forward like in their new version of self because they went into their own [ __ ] in the at the retreat and
(55:41) like came out on the other side and then we got an action plan for them and then they went on their way away like and they’re all friends now like it’s literally like the coolest [ __ ] thing ever I mean I’m friends with them now like we’re all friends we’re all friends now yeah so it’s like you know you come on the retreat and whether it’s like you’re you’re an attendee but like we’re all now homies we get to be homies for literally forever yeah it was it was really special I mean we’re not going to
(56:10) go into what happened in obviously the girls trips because that’s that’s their story to tell but every single girl got exactly what they needed and every single girl left we like I’m the action girly so I sat down with everyone created an action plan for every one and every single person left and like it’s been I don’t know like 4 days since the retreat now and the the actions have been taken I mean I see them all you know a lot of them were wanting to show up online or show up in a new way make a
(56:38) new Instagram start posting like have conversations things that needed to be done in life and it’s actually crazy to see how much healing can get done in a mushroom ceremony like we healed I always say this but like you can heal 10 years of trauma in six hours if you decide to go in chist I just realized like I help with understanding and then you help with action do you know what I’m saying it was like even like the astrology the human design that’s like the understanding of like okay what’s
(57:02) really going on here and then you’re like okay now what are we gonna do about it you know cool we’re a cute little team when we get paired up yeah and it was actually fun for us to do that because that was like our first like team Mission there was challenges though I mean we do things differently right like we talked about it already but like I’m very structured brie is very flow and I’m like let’s stick to the schedule and Bri’s like I don’t like schedules and I’m like okay but we need to you
(57:23) know what I mean so there were moments where we had to work through it I feel like we did a good job working through it though you know yeah yeah no I I agree I’m just I’m just kind of being yeah because it definitely wasn’t all Sunshine it was partly cloudy only partly though only partly because it was like I mean if everything’s too perfect I’m just like I kind of like I kind of like a little bit of friction because it breeds growth it’s like that’s all yeah that’s what that’s what source is that’s
(57:49) what life is right like yes it’s why Source break to came into Trill trillion of pieces because if everything’s Too Perfect it’s [ __ ] boring boring Source was like wholeness that’s it that’s all that’s itess and then you know it was like well if there’s two of you you’re not whole anymore you’re separate so now there’s more experiences because now there’s two and there’s Duality and like that’s actually I mean that’s a that’s what I’m saying Rabbit Hole yeah definitely one
(58:23) worth going down in another episode I actually recorded that was like literally like my episode that I um recorded that day that we left for retreat isn’t that’s interesting so what else yeah I think I mean I think that just like we both learned so much I mean I don’t think that there’s too much else to share other than we shared so much there was so much was a lot that was a lot great there’s a lot to swallow so thank you for listening the whole way through thank you we love you we love
(58:51) you yeah so that’s a little bit of the magic that happened in Joshua Tree honestly I think that if I learned anything from all the girls from myself from Source from the action of me putting you know a lot of it together with you is that sometimes things are not going to make sense but you just have to take action and your speed of Ascension is correlated to how much action you are willing to take Ready or Not sometimes your soul screams and I think you know I invite everyone to just look Inward and ask themselves like what
(59:24) action I avoiding taking and can I take it even before I feel quote unquote ready mhm and to go even further is like can I take that action and like can I just like maybe just like maybe trust myself MH because we actually block Magic by not trusting and every time that you’re full force [ __ ] yes trusting all of your energy all of your intention everything is going into the trust into the action you have all of your energy in all of your trust rather than having your energy being split half of you doesn’t trust half of you does trust
(1:00:02) well then you’re only going to get 50% result so you’re better off you are best off just [ __ ] diving in when you feel like your soul needs to take action taking action and just closing your eyes and jumping and fully trusting because you’re going to get the best outcome that way promise yes so where can you do that today what is your soul telling you and then let us know what your soul is telling you to do and then let us know when you do it okay guys well we’ll leave you there we maybe left you on a little bit of a
(1:00:29) cliffhanger but you know take what you need leave the rest if you want to come to Costa Rico with us we would love to have you DM one of us Costa and we’ll give you the details but this was really fun this was really fun well we love you guys and we’ll see you soon love you byee

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